Denver Riggleman

In early February, Rep. Denver Riggleman addressed the 5th District service academy nomineesThe students applied to Riggleman's office for a nomination to attend the nations service academies: The United States Military Academy  West Point, the Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy and the Merchant Marine Academy. Following their nomination, these students become eligible to apply to the academies to be enrolled in the graduating class of 2025.  

The list of nominees includes several students from Fauquier County. 
“Service is a calling that inspires our men and women in the armed services. I honor the commitment of these young people who have shown incredible dedication and discipline in the classroom and in their personal lives," said Riggleman. "Those who go on to attend a service academy and earn a commission as an officer will lead soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines.  As a former Air Force officer, I know the duty and privilege associated with service and leadership. Seeing the next generation’s enthusiasm to serve and sacrifice gives me hope. I applaud the work these young men and women have done so far and look forward to their service in the future.” 
The students who received the nomination are: 
Bryce Becker - Forest, Virginia —Air Force & Naval 
Aidan Byrnes - Charlottesville, Virginia  
David DeWald - Marshall, Virginia 
— Merchant Marine & West Point 
Joseph Flynn - Barboursville, Virginia 
— West Point, Merchant Marine, Naval & Air Force 
Evan Hahn – Boones Mill, Virginia  
Joseph Hawkes - Greenwood, Virginia  
Joseph Hipp - Warrenton, Virginia  
Jeanelle Johnson- Warrenton, Virginia  
AmissvilleVirginia —West Point & Air Force 
John Kelly- Charlottesville, — Naval and Air Force 
Kopjanski- Boston, Virginia — Merchant Marine & Naval 
Sarah Lattig- The Plains, Virginia 
Virginia — Naval 
Garrett Lohnes- Charlottesville, Virginia 
—West Point 
Christopher Nguyen- Woodbridge, Virginia  
- Warrenton, Virginia —Naval and Air Force 
Daniel Pettyjohn- Forest, Virginia — Merchant Marine 
- Catlett, Virginia  
Miles Shealy- Madison, Virginia 
Madison Slevin- Warrenton,  
—West Point 
Marcus Targonski- Charlottesville, Virginia —Naval & Air Force 
John Thomas- Keswick, Virginia — Naval & West Point 
Connor Wilson- Ruckersville, Virginia —West Point 
Alexander Wollard- Warrenton, Virginia — Air Force 

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