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The Warrenton Substation, located southeast of town limits on Old Auburn Road, currently routes electricity to two U.S. government data centers at the Warrenton Training Center on Bear Wallow Road northwest of town.

Dominion map Nov 10 2022 copy.tif

A map shows two possible locations for a new Dominion Energy substation. The location marked "1" is located on an industrial-zoned property, formerly the site of a wire factory, owned by real estate investor David Dobson. The site marked "2" is located on a county-owned parcel dubbed the Stafford Farm property.

2022_11_10 Dominion map 1.png

A map dated Nov. 8, 2022 shows one of two options for a new Dominion Energy substation near an existing Dominion facility southeast of Warrenton.

2022_11_10 Dominion map 2.png

A map dated Nov. 8, 2022 shows one of two options for a new Dominion Energy substation near an existing Dominion facility southeast of Warrenton.

photo_ft_news_Steven Precker - Dominion Energy-1_20220714.jpg

Dominion Energy spokesman Stephen Precker addresses the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors during a July 14 work session.

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Giving “activists a win” on power lines 3 days before the planning commission holds a session on the Amazon data center is corporate public relations 101.

The issue is the data center. Power lines are derivative.

Keep the pressure on local elected and appointed officials. They are representing, for better or worse, the community interests.

SAR Wojcik

The noise issue, particularly its detrimental impact on residential neighborhoods, remains a major concern that Amazon has not satisfactorily answered in word nor in deed. Not only does the independent analysis show that Amazon would violate the noise ordinance in Warrenton, but also the Amazon-built and run data centers (aka as refrigerated warehouses that hold computer servers) at the Warrenton Training Center and in Prince William County are causing noises issues for neighboring homes. These are all recently built so the former town manager’s dismissal of the noise issue as due to “outdated technology” at the Town Council meeting in August 2021 was wrong. Furthermore, retrofitting in AZ and in PWC to deal with the noise after data centers are up and running has not been able to solve the issue. Please Planning Commissioners and Town Council do not rely on Amazon-commissioned studies or on Amazon’s word. Look at what’s happened elsewhere. Do not approve this at the current location nor at any other location in town. The site off Falmouth and Old Meetze Rd is even closer to homes. Steve Wojcik

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