Buddy Rizer

Buddy Rizer is director of the Loudoun County Department of Economic Development.

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Curiously, the FT has decided to interview Buddy Rizer, the undisputed Heavy Weight Champion of the data center World. He's never met a data center he didn't love. Buddy and his staff have been 100% responsible for convincing the Loudoun BOS to go "all in" on Data Centers. Using his vast budget, he helped craft fairy tale studies of the great things data centers will do for you and many half-truths that convinced greedy BOS to keep building more of them. So what have they gotten after 20 years of incentivizing big corporations like Google, Microsoft, Meta, Amazon, Uber, etc., etc. to flock to Ashburn and install the most profligate energy consumer and waster of energy resources on the planet? The result: Personal Property Taxes are 23% higher than in Fauquier and growing higher every year; they have overbuilt data centers, and now Dominion energy is said they don't have the power they need for centers already under construction; the promises of new investments in faster chip sets has not emerged so the tax revenue has slowed. Loudoun has communities at war over the noise and hand-to-hand combat with residents fighting to keep them out of western Loudoun and the Rt 7 corridor. It's not a pretty picture if truth be told.


Exactly: "Define the envelope where it would be appropriate for data centers. I would include it around existing infrastructure and transportation corridors and consider proximity to environmentally sensitive areas and residential areas. I think that if you start encroaching or overlapping, that could be a dangerous precedent." Inside the town of Warrenton is not an appropriate place for data centers. Fauquier has zoned for data centers and several have been built, but the town is not the appropriate place for one or more data centers.

SAR Wojcik

Agree with you. Also, electric substations needed to power “data centers “ should not be built on environmentally sensitive land. Dominion itself said they would not choose such a site. Then why are they saying that to power the Amazon “data center,” they prefer to build on the site off the Greenway, which includes one of the few remaining wetlands in town, which the town relies on to drain storm water off Falmouth St and Old Meetze Rd? Furthermore, why would they choose to build a substation next to the Greenway? Why next to historic Alwyngton Manor? It’s an incompatible use with an adjoining property.

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