Amazon data center

Some residents are concerned about the level of secrecy that has surrounded the Warrenton Amazon data center proposal.

Dr. Steven Pleickhardt

Dr. Steven Pleickhardt, of Bristow, speaks during a Sept. 10 protest against the Devlin Technology Park, a proposed development of seven to 11 data centers at Devlin and Linton Hall roads.

john foote

Attorney John Foote has been representing Amazon Web Services in negotiations with the town of Warrenton.

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Kevin Ramundo

Thanks to Peter Cary for shining a light on how Amazon and other data center companies utilize practices allowed by elected officials that leave citizens in the dark as these companies endeavor to build new facilities that jeopardize communities. To learn more about the situation in Warrenton regarding Amazon's proposed data center, please plan to attend a town hall meeting on 10/26/22 at the Michael A. Hughes Center for the Arts at the Highland School in Warrenton. Doors open at 6:30 pm.


The citizens of Fauquier County need to know how much money these politicians are receiving from the entities supporting the data centers. We need transparency.


Tearing into Amazon, Dominion and other business is misguided. Business does what business does. They expand—when and where they can.

On the other hand, Town of Warrenton and Fauquier County local politicians are responsible to maintain and enhance the character of the community. The focus should be on these officials, elected and appointed, to protect the citizens quality of life.

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