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The Fauquier County Board of Supervisors is weighing whether to designate Fauquier County a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” in a show of support for gun ownership rights. A Second Amendment Sanctuary declaration could state the county’s opposition to any legislation that would limit gun rights, but the resolution would not have any legal effect.

The wave of resolutions from other rural counties declaring sanctuary status follows the Democratic Party winning control of the Virginia General Assembly in the Nov. 5 election and expectation that action on gun regulation legislation will follow.

In 2020, Democrats could consider so-called “red flag” laws, which would enable guns to be taken away temporarily from people who might injure themselves or others. They may also consider legislation to ban high-capacity ammunition magazines and expand background checks for private party sales and gun show purchases. A ban on assault weapons may also be on the table.

During the July General Assembly special session – which was cut short by Republicans after only 90 minutes – Democratic legislators proposed about 30 bills affecting gun use and sales.

Dinwiddie County became the sixth Virginia county to become a Second Amendment Sanctuary following a vote of its supervisors on Thursday, WWBT in Richmond reported. Appomattox, Campbell, Carroll, Charlotte and Pittsylvania counties previously took that action.

In its resolution, the Dinwiddie supervisors said they don’t want county funds used to restrict gun rights.

The Second Amendment Sanctuary movement has also been seen in Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona and Texas, according to Reason magazine.

In Fauquier, “People have been contacting me through social media” about the sanctuary matter, said Supervisors Chairman Chris Butler, R-Lee. As of Wednesday, he said he had heard from about a half dozen people.

At the very least, the supervisors are expected to discuss the sanctuary matter at their next regular monthly meeting on Dec. 12. “We’ll probably have a discussion if we get a lot of calls or have a large turnout,” Butler said.

In the meantime, the Fauquier County attorney’s office is researching the matter.

“Is it legal, is it even worth taking up? That what Tracy is looking up,” Butler said, referring to County Deputy Attorney Tracy Gallehr. “We don’t want to start spit balling until we know.”

Butler said, “I personally support lawful gun ownership and the Second Amendment. I’m a lawful gun owner and user.” He noted Fauquier has a lot of hunters.

Butler noted the supervisors this month approved a list of legislative priorities they want the Virginia General Assembly to consider. Among them is one stating “Fauquier County strongly opposes any legislative attempts to undermine or limit legal and Constitutional gun ownership in the county and Commonwealth of Virginia.”

Butler noted the county’s commonwealth attorney and county sheriff are the constitutional officials tasked with law enforcement.

“I support the Second Amendment. I take a constitutional oath,” said County Sheriff Bob Mosier. “This needs to go to state lawmakers. That’s where attention needs to be. I’m not a legislator. My position is clearly defined.”

Supervisor Rick Gerhardt, R-Cedar Run, said he thought “the prudent thing to do is to wait to see what the General Assembly comes up with” in terms of new gun legislation.

Supervisor Mary Leigh McDaniel, I-Marshall, Supervisor Holder Trumbo, R-Scott, and Supervisor Chris Granger, R-Center, couldn’t be reached for comment about the Second Amendment Sanctuary issue.

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BOS 12/23 vote


See updated info RE the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors Resolution and 12/12 meeting:


There are now TWENTY Virginia counties who have chosen law abiding citizens an our Constitution over the insanity in Richmond.

I hope Fauquier will stop dilly dallying and recognize which way the wind is blowing.

Tell It Like It Is

Go to the county website and contact your Supervisor!

Pack the next board meeting to support 2A Sanctuary County!

Dec. 12, 2019

6:30 pm

10 Hotel St.

Warrenton, VA

Tell It Like It Is

I'm am disappointed in our board that this is even a question.

Pack the next board meeting to promote Fauquier as a 2A Sanctuary!!

Dec. 12, 2019


10 Hotel St., Warrenton, VA


I support our Supervisors in declaring that Fauquier county will honor and respect our constitution and the laws of the US!!


It would make me proud to live in a county that makes such a declaration. They might stop calling us "northern Virginia" too.

Concerned citizen

How quickly people forget that our great sheriff was publicly chastised for following Federal ICE regulations regarding the arrests of illegal immigrants.

The hypocrisy of the new Democratic Party continues to grow to unbelievable heights. Let's restrict guns owned by law abiding citizens while we keep our borders wide open for the gangs, gun and drug cartels to move freely.


I support having Fauquier declare that it is a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary county.

Jim Hunt


Fauquier County has a fine Sheriff in Bob Mosier. He'll do the right thing in the right way; He'll enforce the law with full respect for rights.


“I support the Second Amendment. I take a constitutional oath,” said County Sheriff Bob Mosier. “This needs to go to state lawmakers. That’s where attention needs to be. I’m not a legislator. My position is clearly defined.”

Then your position should be unequivocally to support the constitution. State legislators do not have standing to usurp it for any reason.


Good Job!!!!


With respects to my supervisor Mr. Gerhardt, the prudent thing to do is NOT wait for the GA to act. The 2nd Amendment is something to be defended or not, regardless of what the incoming GA feels about the 2nd Amendment. We know how the Governor feels about the 2nd Amendment - that it's an anachronistic throwback to a time when "arms" meant muskets, pistols, and swords. There's no reason to believe the Democrat dominant incoming GA will feel any differently. As a citizen of Fauquier County I would like the BoS to act on this now.

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