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The Central Sports Complex outside Warrenton will be home to 11 new fields, including a full-size artificial turf football/soccer/lacrosse field. The facility is on schedule to be ready for fall, said Parks and Rec director Gary Rzepecki (pictured). He said plans for the turf field require the most labor, slated to be done by the end of June.

The new Central Sports Complex outside Warrenton is hoping to open on time this fall. 

The main part of the project is scheduled to be completed by the end of June, said Gary Rzepecki, director of Fauquier County’s Department of Parks and Recreation.

Located at the corner of Meetze Road and Old Auburn Road, the facility consists of one full-size artificial turf field, five baseball-softball fields and five Bermuda grass rectangular fields.

Most of the remaining work involves the construction of the 380-by-250-foot artificial turf field. 

While work on the artificial field has proceeded through the pandemic, wet weather has crews two weeks behind, with a lot still to do. The field will have markings for soccer, lacrosse and football. 

Rzepecki said the concrete curb that holds in the stone base under the turf fabric has been poured. The subbase has been graded and compacted. The next step is installing the drainage system and hauling a lot of rock to the field for field drainage. Then the artificial carpet will be laid on top.

Rzepecki said once all the stone is on the fields, the next step is beginning “the process of putting down the topcoat of asphalt on the parking lots and roads. Then adding car stops and asphalt markings.”

An acceleration lane is also being constructed outside the facility on Meetze Road, and should be done by the end of the month.

In other county parks news:

Crockett Park may open for boat rentals by Memorial Day weekend. 

Rzepecki said he hopes to open its restroom and concession stand to limited purchases related to fishing, such as the sale of worms, but not food.

 People have been bringing their own boats or fishing along the shoreline. The rental boats are in the dock area under cover, but more discussion and preparation are needed to reopen.

“We are waiting to see if the governor opens Phase 1 on Friday,” said Rzepecki, who noted a slight national trend toward reopening marinas and boat rentals.

Construction of The Woods of Warrenton Trail at Academy Hill Drive Extended is being delayed by rain.

“The schedule had it ending May 28, but remember, it’s wetlands,” said Rzepecki. “I envision opening in July. It’ll be a great place for nature lovers. The amount of turtles, frogs, birds and plant life is incredible.”

The 1.3-mile, off-road pedestrian and bicycle trail connects the subdivisions of White’s Mill, Warrenton Chase and Woods at Warrenton.

Part of the trail will be paved, with large parts made of a deck system resembling a boardwalk. 

Upgrades to the Northern Fauquier Community Park in Marshall include irrigation on all the fields and outfield fences and stone dust warning tracks on all the baseball diamonds. 

All fields are being renovated as part of a Mellon Estate donation. 

“Without outfield fences, it was difficult to hold tournaments, and the warning tracks will go a long way to more use,”  said Rzepecki, who praised the Mellon Estate. 

He said the fields were closed through June to do the work, so no one was scheduled to use them in this time period. But the park is open for walking and fishing.

Mystery fishing in Marshall

Officials are stocking the small lake at the Northern Fauquier Community Park in Marshall, but not telling people when.

Rzepecki said the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries used to announce it and people would show up the next day and fish it out. 

He said marks on the ground for social distancing seem to be separating the fishermen well.



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How about the County put together a fundraiser and build a concession stand and lights for nighttime play? Why would you build a ball field complex without a concession stand or lights? Does the county not realize that it’ll be dark by 6pm come October?

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