Broadview Avenue

Broadview Avenue. Photo courtesy VDOT

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Build the TF bypass? Really??
“Part of that is in the county and it’s my understanding that it isn’t part of the comprehensive plan,” said Town Manager Brannon Godfrey. Strike 1.
The Rt.17 to Bear Wallow Road section is private property. Strike 2.
The Waterloo Road to TF Parkway is Fauquier School District property. Strike 3.
A true planned bypass would have secured the right of way decades ago, but it did not.
And the Town has never removed the Parkway Plan.
More tell it like it isn't.

Tell It Like It Is

VDOT says it will be "less congested" ? But they have no data or study as to how much "additional traffic" this 8 million dollar project would enable Broadview to handle.

VDOT changed the plan from 9-7 crossovers without consulting the community.

VDOT has wasted money on the weigh station that has not been used.

VDOT has totally messed up the Opal interchange project.

VDOT is going to mess up the southern Warrenton 29/17 LFCC interchange project because they have already left out one major item of traffic flow importance in the two designs that have been made public.

VDOT will mess this this project up as well because after spending 8 million, guess what? We still only have two lanes each way and that simply can't handle any more traffic. How many years of engineering schooling does it take to put a pencil to that answer? I'd bet money that our middle school kids are smarter enough the figure that out.

VDOT and the Town of Warrenton fail to recognize the fact that the TIMBER FENCE Parkway or a western Warrenton by-pass of some configuration, just like the eastern and northern by-pass projects, is the only viable and long term solution for reducing congestion on Broadview Av !!

VDOT and TOWN of Warreton, stop wasting our time and tax dollars on things that will not solve traffic congestion issues and build the Parkway.

Addtionally, like the Elk run intersection and the addition of a 4 way stop that corrected the most dangerous intersection in the county, the solutions need not be complicated and some not even expensive.

the only thing existing roads in Warrenton need are lower speed limits. 35mph on Broadview and 15 mph on main street.

Unfortunately the parties making the decisions an't justify their paychecks with such simple yet effective methods and thus wish to waste taxpayer.

Town of Warrenton, shame on you for removal of the Parkway plan and taking the money!! Give it back and do a better job.

VDOT shame on you for wasting our money on many, but not all, complicated road projects in this county that are not forward thinking enough for long term solutions.

God help this county and state if this is this best leadership we can put together. Jesus people what are you thinking.

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