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This map shows the planned Broad Run Estates residential development. The areas in green are planned green spaces. The other different colors represent different lot sizes and whether the lots have garage access in front of the house or in back. 

If allowed to rezone to greater density for 166 homes at Broad Run Church and Riley roads in New Baltimore, a developer would put the 73-acre Ringwood Farm in conservation easement with no construction except three homes.

Lakeside Homes LLC, managed by Devin Finan, is seeking a change in zoning from R-1 to R-4 for his Broad Run Estates residential development.

The application will be the subject of a public hearing by the Fauquier County Planning Commission at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 19 at the Warren Green Building, 10 Hotel St., Warrenton.

The commission could act on the rezoning that night or put off making a recommendation to the board of supervisors for approval or not.

If allowed by supervisors, four single detached homes could be built per acre rather than the current one per acre allowed by right. The property is on the southwest corner of the intersection of Broad Run Church Road and Riley Road.

The rezoning would place 166 homes on a site where 100 homes have been approved, said Chuck Floyd, a manager with Piedmont Land Consulting of Warrenton. By not building on 62 lots at Ringwood Farm as allowed by right, a waterline would not have to be extended across Rogues Road to Ringwood, which lies outside the New Baltimore Service District. A total of 34 acres of trees could also remain. Ringwood Farm is currently approved for 42 homes.

Residents near the proposed development site heard Floyd outline the rezoning request at a community meeting at the Inn at Vint Hill on Sept. 4.

“This is your community. You do what you think is in your best interests,” Floyd said in response to a question from the audience of about 15 people.

“Too many people, too many homes” was the opinion expressed by Joyce Kaminski of Riley Road after the presentation. “I like Fauquier rural. That’s why we bought here.”

“I’d rather see nothing built” was the view of another attendee, who didn’t want to give his name.

“I was kind of interested in what they’re doing. I’m under the impression it can grow by right. The development seems basically reasonable,” said Henry Tarring of Hummingbird Lane. He said the preservation of Ringwood Farm wasn’t of importance to him. Tarring said he has about a 1,000-foot shared boundary with the proposed development area.

“I think moving the development from Ringwood to Broad Run Estates is best. She lives on Ringwood Road and prefers that her area not be developed further.

“Ringwood Road is not designed for traffic,” she said. She said she has about an acre of property.

Supervisor Holder Trumbo of the Scott District, which includes the project area, listened to the presentation and questions from the audience posed during it.

“For me to support something there’s got to be something to impel me” to do so, Trumbo said. “I get a lot of guidance from people providing feedback.”

The supervisors will hold their own public hearing before voting, once they receive a recommendation from the planning commission.

“This is a decision the county makes. It’s a land use decision. We’re trying to do what we think is right,” Floyd told the audience.

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Questions for the BOS' consideration:

What will the devloper do with the farmland?

Can the developer later build additional houses on this land?

What is the potential total capital impact (tax offset not covered by developer proffers) resulting from the increase in homes built?


Correction: Planning Commission not BOS & for confirmation that the farm will not be subject to further subdivision.

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