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The auditorium at Fauquier High School was full Tuesday night as more than 130 speakers expressed their views on the planned Amazon data center.

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Speakers young and old were projected on screens during the nearly seven-hour public hearing. 

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Land-use legend Hope Porter received a standing ovation after her speech at the public hearing.

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Town Councilman Paul Mooney is one of the Warrenton Town Council members who wants to be able to see the emails that were exempted from the Citizens for Fauquier County VFOIA request. The council voted Feb. 15 to allow council members to see the emails in question.

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Warrenton Town Councilman Brett Hamby laid out his reasons for voting in favor of the Amazon project.

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Warrenton Town Councilman Bill Semple remains opposed to the proposed data center in town.

photo_ft_news_amazon vote_dave mcbride_021523.jpg

Warrenton Councilman David McGuire remains opposed to the data center plan.

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Actor Robert Duvall caused a bit of a sensation with his appearance at the public hearlng.

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Ike Broaddus, candidate for the Scott District seat on the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors, was one of the speakers at the public hearing on Feb. 14.

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About 130 people spoke against Amazon's proposed data center during the Feb. 14 public hearing.

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About 130 people spoke against Amazon's proposed data center during the Feb. 14 public hearing.

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I wish there had been this much push back on the hundreds of homes that have been approved and built in the county which does affect traffic, schools, support services and crime. A lot of the new residents are from NOVA and you are now seeing our political climate change to a NOVA style as the new residents are voted into office and start pushing their politics.......


Please do not confuse Counsel Man James Hartman, Ward 4, with Mr. Hartman of Hartman Jewelers. They are different people and any suggestion to the contrary is mistaken and wrong.


You know they were bought and paid for. It is the American way. There is no accountability anymore.

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