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Bill Semple addresses residents during the Jan. 10 town council work session.

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SAR Wojcik

It's also critical for us residents to know the following, which has been obscured by the process and because Amazon and its representatives have distanced themselves from the huge power needs for their operation. First, the proposed distribution line through town will be exclusively for Amazon's use, not for anyone else. Does it makes sense to run a distribution like clear across town for miles just to service Amazon? Why? Second, Dominion Energy has said that the power substation is not needed if the Amazon SUP is not approved. This was repeated at public meetings and when Dominion was questioned by council members. It is being proposed solely because of Amazon's massive power needs. Finally, Dominion's preferred choice for a substation is along the Greenway, Why? The site is along one of the most popular recreational areas of town, has a documented wetland in the middle of the property, additional acreage used for stormwater management by the town, and borders Alwyngton Manor. Putting a substation there threatens all of these, not to mention not even satisfying 2 and possibly all 3 of Dominion's own criteria for siting substations. It also opens up the floodgates for other properties East, South, and West of town, and possibly in town, to be turned into massive computer server warehouses once the substation is built. We just learned today that Maple Tree Farm is touting its 145 acres as a "data center" site, with 4 large buildings along the Greenway just beyond the pedestrian bridge over Route 29. These are the additional stakes connected to the Amazon SUP. A lot hinges on the town council's vote.

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