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Mary Lou Holczer, president of the Remington FCE Homemakers Club explains the joys of cake pops. 

The Remington Homemakers Club, part of the National Association of Family and Community Education, hosted its annual Achievement Day on April 17 at St. Luke’s Parish Hall in Remington. About 40 women attended from all over Fauquier and elsewhere in Virginia. 

The emphasis was on Easter celebrations from around the world and in particular chocolate. Club President Mary Lou Holczer and Vice President Lana J. Hankinson shared some recipes to make Easter sweeter. Holczer shared cake pops made with doughnut holes, chocolate-covered marshmallows, bird nests molded from crispy noodles and cherry chocolate mice. Hankinson explained how to make peanut butter eggs. For those wishing to whip up some Easter treats, recipes can be found at 

Homemakers clubs focus on fostering “the highest ideals in home, church, school, and public life.” The Remington club meets monthly, on the third Wednesday of each month at St. Luke's Parish Hall. Meetings normally are from 10 1 p.m 

Holczer said, “The club itself is our first community and from there we reach out to the community at large. We are very informal and we strive to make all our members and guests comfortable and relaxed. We are always seeking to expand our membership and we welcome anyone interested in joining and supporting our goals. 

Anyone with questions about the group may call Holczer at 540-878-6219. 


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