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Lenny and Squiggy

The Fauquier SPCA has a couple of new visitors – Lenny and Squiggy, a sheep and a goat, respectively, who were found at a truck stop on U.S. 29 about a month ago, according to Alex Vacek of the SPCA.

Vacek wrote in a Facebook post Tuesday, “Three hours and four deputies later, Lenny and Squiggy were on their way to the warm FSPCA barn complete with ample amounts of hay, thick straw and a staff of humans ready and willing to show them how life should be lived. Our brave pals were given antibiotics, fecals were run, they were dewormed and vaccinated. Now, they are ready for the next chapter of life… a forever farm!”

SPCA Executive Director Devon Settle said that both animals had pneumonia when they were found.

Vacek explained that Lenny and Squiggy are both 1-year-old neutered males. She said, “Oddly enough, they really seem to like dogs, but they are still a little nervous around humans. They've come far since we first met them but their forever people will need to be patient and give them some time to fully realize their potential.”

Anyone interested in Lenny and Squiggy may contact the shelter at 540-788-9000. The adoption fee is $200 (total) and the pair must be adopted together.

Vacek said, “They absolutely love each other and want to continue the adventure of living their best life together.”

Settle said, “When they first got here, they were absolutely clinging to one another. They refuse to be separated.” She added, “We have had a lot of interest in the lamb and goat and have no doubt we will find them the perfect forever home. Until then, they are getting all the love and care they need at the SPCA.”

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