aging together ipads for seniors

Peggy Woodward, a resident at Dogwood Village in Orange County, connects with a family member. Dogwood Village received iPads through Aging Together’s iPads for Seniors campaign.

Aging Together has launched a new campaign aimed at overcoming the  loneliness and boredom that secluded seniors may be feeling, especially during the pandemic.

Ellen Phipps, executive director of Aging Together, said that the organization aims to “support health, safety and quality of life for older adults and their families.” This has become an even greater challenge since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With older adults being especially at risk, it is imperative, she said, that they are socially distant, which often leads to isolation and separation from loved ones. Boredom, loneliness, depression and anxiety can result.

Aging Together has developed an “iPads for Seniors” campaign, a program where iPads are purchased and donated so older residents can connect with loved ones or doctors; iPads can also be used for entertainment.

“We asked for funding help from community partners and got a hasty response,” said Phipps. A total of almost $8,000 has been received from the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation, AARP and the Culpeper Wellness Foundation she said. "It offers some relief to know both seniors and their families will be able to connect. We are so grateful.”

The funds have already purchased a number of iPads which, with the help of Rappahannock-Rapidan Community Services, are being distributed to nursing homes, assisted living and group homes in Aging Together's five-county region. “We want to expand this program as much as possible,” said Phipps.

Aging Together continues to seek funding through online donations on its website (, as well as to track future recipients. “Anyone who knows of a facility who could use iPads to bridge the gap of isolation should certainly contact us,” said Phipps. “That’s our job, connecting our aging population with resources. And thanks to generous partners, we can make that happen.”

For more information about iPads for Seniors, Phipps can be reached at

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