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Fauquier Health reinstates visitor restrictions, including mask-wearing in all facilities

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Fauquier Hospital

The copy below has been changed to indicate that siblings of newborn will not be allowed to visit in the Fauquier Hospital Family Birthing Center at this time.

Because of the increase in positive COVID-19 cases locally, Fauquier Health has revised its visitors policy, spokeswoman Sarah Cubbage announced in a press release Friday afternoon.

Health system facilities – including Fauquier Hospital, the Fauquier Health Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, The Villa at Suffield Meadows and all the health system's physician offices -- will once again require visitors to wear face masks/coverings and submit to health screenings and hand sanitization before entering.

Visitors will receive an approved visitation sticker that must be worn where it can be seen at all times while they are in the facility.

The front entrance of the hospital will be open Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Emergency Department entrance at the back of the hospital will be the only point of entrance for patients and visitors outside of regular visiting hours.

No visitors under age 18 will be permitted unless they are at the hospital for their own medical appointment or outpatient visit.

Complete information may be found at:, but a summary is below.

 Visiting the hospital

  • COVID-19 negative patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit are permitted one visitor in the room at a time between the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Patients may choose one care partner to stay with them overnight during their hospital stay if supervision is required.
  • COVID-19 negative patients admitted to the 2nd floor (2 South) or the 3rd floor (3 South/3 West) are permitted a maximum of two visitors in the room at one time between the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Patients may choose one care partner to stay with them overnight during their hospital stay if supervision is required.
  • The nursing supervisor must be notified and approve the care partner’s overnight stay in the ICU or the 2nd or 3rd floor. 
  • COVID-19 negative patients receiving end-of-life care may have two visitors any time of day. Additional family members must remain outside of the facility but they can take turns.
  • Pediatric and Intermediate Care Nursery patients will be permitted two consistent visitors who may visit at the same time.
  • Family Birthing Center patients are permitted two adult visitors; siblings of the newborn may not visit. 
  • COVID-19 positive mothers may have one consistent visitor, coordinated by department. Visitors must wear appropriate personal protective equipment during the entire length of the visit.
  • COVID-19 positive patients, or patients under investigation, may not have any visitors. Exception: COVID-19 positive patients receiving end-of-life care may be authorized one designated visitor, so long as appropriate PPE is worn during entire length of visit. 
  • Additional means of technology may also be utilized for patient and visitor interactions when appropriate (including video-call applications on cell phones or tablets).
  • Visitors may access the Bistro for takeout meals or leave the facility to obtain takeout meals and return to the patient’s room.
  • Visitors who leave the facility must go through screening again upon return. 
  • Visitation restrictions are subject to change at any time.


  • Emergency Department patients will be allowed one designated visitor who must remain in the treatment room with the patient at all times. If the visitor leaves the patient’s treatment room, they will not be allowed re-entry. Additional visitors must wait outside of the building; they will not be allowed to remain in the ED waiting room or any other area inside of the hospital.
  • Emergency Department pediatric patients will be allowed two visitors.
  • Operating Room, Outpatient Special Procedures, Cardiac Cath Lab and Interventional Radiology patients will be allowed one designated visitor to wait in the hospital from pre-procedure to discharge only in waiting room spaces. No visitors will be allowed in procedural areas – except when the patient is a minor or the patient requires assistance because of a cognitive or developmental disability.

Fauquier Health Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

  • A maximum of three approved visitors and family members will be allowed to visit their loved ones face-to-face at one time, twice a week for 20-minute periods. Visits in resident rooms, except in special circumstances, are not permitted at this time. All visits will be in designated areas of the facility.
  • Visits will require a reservation to be made ahead of time. Visitors and family members can call to reserve their visit time 540-316-5500 or to inquire about the current visitation policy and details. Visit frequency will depend upon availability.
  • Approved outings from the building include those that are medically necessary and country drives with facility staff in the facility vehicle. Resident care plans may still be offered in a virtual manner.

The Villa at Suffield Meadows

  • At this time, approved visitors and family members are allowed to visit their loved ones face-to-face. Visitation in apartments will be permitted, in addition to foyer and outdoor visits.
  • Visitors must call ahead 540-316-3800 to schedule a one-hour time slot for visitation.
  • About 99% of the Villa residents have been fully vaccinated. Both visitors and residents must remain masked during each visit. If the resident and/or the visitor is not fully vaccinated, they need to maintain social distancing during the visit. 
  • Visitation is not permitted at this time in the common areas, during meals or during activities. 
  • Outings from the building include medically necessary appointments and country drives with facility staff in the facility vehicle. Resident care plans may still be offered in a virtual manner.

Fauquier Health physician offices

  • One visitor is allowed during patient visits in which the medical assistance of a caregiver is required, the patient is underage, or the patient is scheduled for ultrasound visits at an obstetrical clinic. 

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