Details for The Prince William County Board of Zon


The Prince William County Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a public hearing on Monday, September 21, 2020 at 2 p.m. in the Board of County Supervisors’ Chambers, James J. McCoart Administration Building, 1 County Complex Court, Prince William, Virginia on the following case:

Appeal Case #APL2021-00001, Madera Farm, LLC

To consider an appeal of Zoning Determination #ZNR2020-00179, dated June 19, 2020, stating that the buildings on the Property may not be used for commercial or business purposes, including landscape services; only agricultural products that are grown or raised on the Property may be processed on and/or sold from the Property; and the agricultural use of the Property does not allow trees or logs that are not grown on the Property to be processed on the Property, or dirt, soil, or any other hardscape products/materials to be brought onto the Property for processing and/or sale. Property is located in the A-1, Agricultural Zoning District; GPIN: 7493-24-4694; 13250 Warrenton Road in the Brentsville Magisterial District.

E-Mail Address:


Copies of the above file can be viewed in the Planning Office, 5 County Complex Ct., Ste. 210, PW, VA. Copies of staff reports may be requested after 9/11/2020, viewed @ or by contacting us @ 703-792-7615 or emailing

ACCESSIBILITY TO PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES: The hearings are being held at a public facility believed to be accessible to persons with disabilities. Any person with questions on the accessibility of the facility should contact the Planning Ofc. @ the above address & No., or TDD (703) 792-6295. Persons needing interpreter services for the deaf must notify the Clerk no later than 9/11/20.

Run Dates: September 9 and September 16, 2020


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