OCTOBER 2, 2019

7:00 PM

1. Rezoning #REZ2019-00029, Leland Road Rezoning: To rezone ±1.26 acres of a split-zoned ±1.72-acre lot, from B-1, General Business, and R-4, Suburban Residential, to ±1.72 acres zoned R-4 to allow the construction of two single-family detached dwellings. The property is located ±500 ft. east of the intersection of Leland Rd. and Route 28 and is addressed as 8110 Leland Rd. The site is identified on County maps as GPIN 7897-31-2163; and is designated SRL, Suburban Residential Low, in the Comprehensive Plan. Coles Magisterial District

2. Proffer Amendment #REZ2019-00024, Hawthorn Retirement Residence at Reid’s Prospect: To amend the proffers associated with REZ #PLN2000- 00041 to change the use designation in a portion of Land Bay I from OC-2 (now O(H), Office High-Rise) to O(H), Office High-Rise / B-1, General Business, to permit an assisted living facility, along with associated modifica tions, to include signage, building height, and floor area ratio (FAR) increases. The ±5.41-acre site is located north of Prince William Pkwy., west of Laurel Hills Dr., and south of the terminus of Effie Rose Pl. The property is identified on County maps as GPIN 8193-31-4635 (pt.) and is addressed as 4460 Prince William Pkwy. The site is zoned PMD, Planned Mixed Use District; is designated CEC, Community Employment Center, in the Com prehensive Plan; and is located within the Government Center Sector Plan special planning area and Prince William Parkway Highway Corridor Overlay District. Occoquan Magisterial District

3. Public Facility Review #PFR2018-00023, Charlie Boone Memorial Park: To allow for the construction of a public bike and skate park including cement structures and compact dirt/natural surface ramps. The ±5.59-acre parcel is located immediately northwest of the intersection of Old Bridge Rd. and Smoketown Rd. The parcel is addressed as 12490 Everest Peak Ln.; is identified as GPIN 8193-93-1664 on County maps; is zoned R-6, Suburban Residential; and is designated P&OS, Parks and Open Space, in the Comprehensive Plan. The parcel is within the Old Bridge Road Highway Corridor Overlay District. Occoquan Magisterial District

4. Comprehensive Plan Amendment #CPA2018-00015, Technology and Connectivity: Comprehensive Plan Amendment to provide policy guidance for telecommunications infrastructure and guide development of new emerging technologies including, but not limited to, Broadband, 5G Wireless Infrastructure, and Smart Regions. Countywide

5. Comprehensive Plan Amendment #CPA2017-00004, Dale City Small Area Plan: This small area plan serves as basis for the long-term vision for future growth and revitalization building upon the strengths of the previous Dale City Residential Planned Community (RPC) Plan as well as rec ommendations from the Dale City, AIA SDAT Report and the Dale City: Safety & Connectivity in A Planned Community report. The Dale City Small Area plan provides a greater emphasis on detailed planning, visioning, economic development, and design in order to develop a plan that represents the study area with its own character, vision, and implementation strategy. This small area plan generally encompasses land that is primarily within the Dale City Residential Planned Community (RPC) boundary and runs along the Dale Blvd. corridor except for two areas. The first portion of the small area plan outside the Dale City RPC is to the north east in the vicinity of Prince William Pkwy. bound by Elm Farm Rd. to the northeast. The second section is on the east side of Interstate 95 (I-95) and comprises the Neabsco Commons development. Altogether, the Dale City study area is bound to the west by Hoadly Rd. and to the southwest by Princedale Dr. This small area plan provides a comprehensive look at the study area including: land use, mobility, green infrastructure, design guidelines, economic devel opment analysis, cultural resources analysis, level of service analysis, implementation and phasing plans. Proposed text edits and map changes are available for review on the Planning web site SmallAreaPlans. Neabsco and Occoquan Magisterial Districts

Copies of the above files can be viewed in the Planning Ofc. @ 5 County Complex Ct., Ste. 210, PW, VA. Copies of staff reports may be requested after 9/25/19, or you can view reports @ or contact us @ (703) 792-7615 or email us @ For the full list of items scheduled for this agenda see

ACCESSIBILITY TO PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES: The hearings are being held at a public facility believed to be accessible to persons with disabilities. Any person with questions on the accessibility of the facility should contact the Planning Ofc. @ the above address & No., or TDD (703) 792-6295. Persons needing interpreter services for the deaf must notify the Clerk no later than 9/25/19

Run Dates: 9/11/19, 9/18/19


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