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What is it that those who are supposed to be doing The People's Business don't understand about tax cuts and continued spending?

What they are doing does not equate with what the people want.

Maybe more of their workday should be covered by C-SPAN so we the people have a better idea of who's up for the job by the performance we see.

To think we pay for their getting us into these horrible messes, year after year, and it's always the other party's fault.

And time after time, they will come back again at election time and complain, begging for money to get in again.

How many of us are letting them know on the Hill that we don't like what they are doing?

I let them know when I'm not totally happy, as well as when they have done the job well; that hasn't happened for a long time.

I'm so old that we were told in school that we should write Congress, even the president. I have done that; others should do the same.

Winnie McCoy

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