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Wakefield lower school students celebrate hispanic cultures

Friday, Feb. 7 | By Hannah Dellinger
A Wakefield student shows his excitement while playing a popular marble game from Uruguay. Fauquier Times Staff Photo/Hannah Dellinger
On Friday morning, Wakefield lower school students took an imaginary educational trip to four different Hispanic countries.

The students remained in the confines of the school gym, however their imaginations took them around the world.

The gym was decked out with decorations representing four countries: Peru, Spain, Uruguay and Honduras. Each country had its own station in the gym with popular indigenous games, arts and crafts.

This is the fifth Hispanic Festival that Wakefield has held for its lower school. The festival is held every-other year, with a Mardi Gras festival held on opposite years.

Ana Lizarraga, Wakefield’s World Language Department chairwoman and lower school Spanish teacher, said that the festival is a fun way for the children to get exposed to new cultures.

“The kids have learned from the four different countries,” said Lizarrago. “They have seen videos, they have learned about the cultures and the environments.”

At the Uruguay station the students played a marble game in which they had to toss marbles into a hole in a box. They played “futbol,” since Uruguay was home to the first World Cup.

In Honduras the children made butterflies out of paper and hung them all together to make a butterfly farm, since the region is known for its butterfly farms. At the Honduras station the kids also played dominoes, a popular past-time in the region.

In Spain the children made castanets, which are popular musical instruments in the area. In Spain the kids also played with a parachute and stuffed animal that they tossed into the air.

In Peru the children made llamas out of paper and cotton balls and placed them in a diorama of Lake Titicaca. They also played sapo, a game in which the players try to toss a disk into a frog statue’s mouth.
“They very much look forward to this each year,” said Lizarraga.

Aiden, a Wakefield preschooler, was had a great time decorating a butterfly for the Honduran butterfly farm.

“I liked making the butterfly the best,” said Aiden.

The participating Wakefield students showed a lot of enthusiasm for all of the games and crafts at the festival. The day served as a unique learning opportunity for children to embrace Hispanic cultures.

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