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[VIDEO] Piedmont vistas nourish artist Tom Neel

Thursday, Aug. 14 | By Hannah Dellinger
Tom Neel in front of one of his works at Live an Artful Life art gallery in the Plains.
Photo by Adam Goings
Often Tom Neel serendipitously happens upon the location for his next painting.

Scenic Fauquier County provides ample opportunity for his Neel's artistic expression.

Sometimes, he’ll see a great field on a farm and think to himself that maybe one day, when the light is right—or the universe aligns—the time will be right to paint it.
“I’ve literally been thinking about a piece of land and someone has walked through that door and commissioned me to paint it,” he said.

When the Rectortown artist was filming a documentary for his 25th anniversary as a professional artist, he and the cameraman decided to meet at a particular farm in Fauquier to shoot.

“We could have met anywhere,” he said. “But we chose there. Within 24 hours of filming, the owner of that farm walked into [my wife’s] gallery and commissioned me to paint that farm.”

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