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VDOT crews plan to work all night

Thursday, Jan. 2 | By Julie Taylor
Last time Fauquier County experienced a minor snow storm, roads were prepped in advance. This storm seems to be much different. Within hours, secondary roads have become impassable, and vehicles across the county have slid into ditches and wrecked.

The Virginia Department of Transportation did not brine the roads this afternoon because they expected rain before snow, which would have washed the brine off the roads, according to Lou Hatter, media representative for VDOT.

Hatter said that VDOT crews will be working all night, beginning with primary roads, then working on secondary roads. He anticipates dangerous driving conditions tomorrow morning, with a good possibility of tree limbs and debris in the road due to high winds.

He advises that everyone store blankets in their car, drive slowly, and leave a gap between you and the car in front.

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