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The new face of Simply Pure

Monday, Mar. 24 | By Hannah Dellinger
The new owner of Simply Pure, Brandy Brogdon holding her new puppy and "store mascot," Coco, named for all of the products in the store that contain coconut oil.
Fauquier Times Staff Photo/Randy Litzinger
Brandy Brogdon was skeptical at first when she was invited to an all-natural mineral makeup makeover party at her friend’s house.

Barbara Weldon, the creator of the Simply Pure natural beauty product line and original owner of the business, convinced Brogdon to give her makeup a try.

“My makeup looked natural, yet dramatic enough to give the appearance that I had makeup on,” said Brogdon. “I never used any other makeup products again.”

Brogdon and her husband used the products for years and when they heard that Weldon was looking to sell and that the business was in danger of shutting its doors, they made the quick decision to purchase it at the end of October.

Brogdon didn’t have any previous experience selling beauty products, but with a background in fitness and all-natural supplements, she was prepared to take on the challenge.

“I’ve always been about all natural supplements and what you put in your body and how you train your body, and now, what you put on your body,” said Brogdon. “What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body, because it is all absorbed.”

Brogdon said that taking over Simply Pure had its challenges. She admits to ruining a couple of batches of soap that had to be tossed in the beginning, but with the help of Weldon during the transition period, she soon learned how to do it all.

“Now I know how to make all of those great products that I love,” said Brogdon.

Debbie Jacobs, a soap maker for Simply Pure, stayed with the business through the change of ownership.

“We couldn’t have done it without her,” said Brogdon. “She’s been making the products for years and basically ran the shop on her own for quite awhile.”

Jacobs became interested in Simply Pure after reading an article about their natural eczema product line.

“My husband has eczema, and we tried the stuff and it really helped,” said Jacobs. “I thought to myself that I would really love to work here. A couple of years later I asked if they needed some help and luckily at the time they did.”

Brogdon said that she has been able to turn the business around and was able to make a profit in February. She said that the one thing that Weldon was lacking was a good marketing plan.

“Every day you have to be on social media and do two or three things that gets your name out there,” said Brogdon. “I think that maybe [Weldon] wasn’t able to do all of that on her own.”

She said that anther important factor in growing the customer base is giving out samples. She carries around a sample of almost every product in her purse at all times so that she can hand them out to anyone who is unaware of Simply Pure. Brogdon believes that once people try the products, they will see how well they work and realize the benefits of going all natural.

“The products are awesome and they have a wonderful shelf-life,” said Brogdon. “They’re paraben and petroleum free, so when you use that kind of moisturizer, it is really good for your skin and works better than commercial products. They also cost about the same amount as something that you’d buy at a big box store.”

Brogdon said that most of her business comes from online purchases, but she is starting to hold more in-store only sales to encourage people to come in more often. Simply Pure is also now carried at a few small local retailers, including a new store in Locust Grove called, the Herb and Oil shop.

Brogdon said that the store will be moving a couple of doors down in the same building in Vint Hill in about eight weeks. The current store is located at 7134B Lineweaver Road in Warrenton. The new store front will be closer to the tasting room that will soon open at Bust Head Brewery.

For more information about Simply Pure and their products, visit http://www.simplypureproducts.com. Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call: 540-351-0777.

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