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Snowpocalypse Part Deux

Thursday, Aug. 21 | By Steve
Better stock up on wood for the woodstove, fuel oil and longjohns, because this coming winter looks to be as snowy and miserable, if not worse, than last year, according to weather blogger Matthew Holliday at FirsthandWeather.com.

He places the blame for a possible Snowpocalypse Part Deux this winter on a combination of an El Nino (a band of warm surface temperatures over the Pacific) and above average sea surface temperatures in the northeast Pacific and the Gulf of Alaska.

“You can thank those warmer temperatures for the ridging that build up over Alaska and the Western United States, which caused the brutally cold winter for the Central and Eastern United States,” Holliday wrote last month.

“This winter could, in fact, be colder for the Eastern United States than last winter and likely just as cold in the Central United States,” he wrote.

For our region, the forecast is:

The Mid-Atlantic could even see a snowier winter than last winter and likely experience well-below average temperatures. This winter could rival some of the “snowpocalyptic” winters that occurred a few years back, which will likely end up making this a highly discussed topic throughout the winter. This will likely be a wetter-than-average winter for the Mid-Atlantic, and this region will likely feel the effects of low pressure systems bombing off the East Coast. This area will probably be impacted by several storms this season and may even feel the effects of a pre-season storm that may try to develop.

You've been warned.
Illustration by Firsthandweather.com

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