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Rep. Robert Hurt pushes Treasury secretary on IRS scandal

Tuesday, Jul. 1 | By Jonathan Hunley
Rep. Robert Hurt
Rep. Robert Hurt last week went on the offensive about the recent IRS scandal, questioning Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew during a congressional hearing.

Hurt, who represents most of Fauquier County, pushed Lew about recovering emails lost when the computer hard drives of Lois Lerner and other Internal Revenue Service officials crashed.

The Republican said that his constituents are "very worked up about" the loss of email, which became known after the disclosure that the IRS mistreated conservative groups seeking exemption from taxes.

Hurt asked what Lew was doing to ensure that federal officials locate the missing messages.

"I would love to know that the secretary of Treasury is exercising everything within his power to make sure that the IRS is doing that, and it doesn't sound like you've taken any direct role whatsoever," the congressman said during a Financial Services Committee hearing.

The Treasury secretary said that the IRS prepared a report about what happened with the emails, and that if any more can be done, "it should be done."

"But you are the do-er," Hurt said, adding that the procedure Lew described sounded passive.

"What I can't do is make a hard drive that broke not be broken," the secretary responded.

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