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Remington to construct new town hall

Tuesday, Dec. 10 | By Kipp Hanley
Employees of the Town of Remington may be getting some new digs in the near future.

The town council approved a resolution Monday stating that it plans to sell its current town hall and an adjacent town-owned building before starting the process of constructing a new town hall next door on Main Street.

According to town council member Van Loving, the town hopes to sell the current properties for approximately $300,000 which he believes will pay to construct the one-story building. Loving said the town will save residents’ taxpayer money in the long run due to improved energy efficiencies that come with current construction standards for the new facility.

Town treasurer Kim Bowrin said the town has had to replace the furnace in recent years and Loving believes there is no insulation under the floor, making the building drafty and expensive to heat during the winter.

The second building, which includes a barber shop, flower shop and apartment, was constructed in 1930, according to Fauquier Couny land records.

The new town hall will also include the town’s Department of Motor Vehicles office. The two employers currently share space in the front of the cramped first floor office, and both town and DMV employees are cross-trained to handle each other’s business, said town administrator Sharon Lee.

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