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Remington newcomer aims for Town Council spot

Wednesday, Mar. 26 | By Jonathan Hunley
Devada R. Allison Jr.
Devada R. Allison Jr. isn't an elected member of the Remington Town Council, but sometimes it sure seems like he is.

Allison, who grew up in Springfield, attends the council meetings at the Remington Volunteer Fire & Rescue building. And following nighttime workouts, he likes to drive around the town, not unlike a member of Neighborhood Watch.

They're tasks that one might associate with a council member, and on May 6, Allison would like Remington voters to make his unofficial service official.

He's one of seven candidates for the six council seats. Also running are incumbents Evan H. Ashby III, J. Wilson Clatterbuck, Stanley L. Heaney Sr., Chad M. Ralls, and Van M. Loving, and challenger Randy A. McMillion.

Allison has lived in Remington for less than a year, but he became involved in civic affairs quickly.

Town Council member Karen C. Frazier, who's not seeking re-election, is the sister of Allison's former landlord in Manassas, so she helped educate him.

He started coming to council meetings and then some councilors and town folk approached him about running in this year's election, especially since Frazier decided against another bid.

Allison's desire to help his fellow man was passed down from his father, a retired Marine.

Beyond formally serving in the military, he's always been there when anybody was in need. So his son learned that trait.

He didn't follow his dad into the Marines or into the construction business, but he's served in other ways.

In Manassas, the former football player taught the game to youngsters and participated in Neighborhood Watch.

He's had several jobs, but he found a home in the underground utility location business, and now he's a regional supervisor for the Indianapolis-based USIC Locating Services Inc. These are the folks that help you when you call "Miss Utility."

Allison's wife, Tama, is from Brentsville, so when the couple looked for a new home, they settled on Remington because they liked that it combined small-town charm with being close to larger locales.

In running for office, Devada Allison said he's taking the step of jumping right into public service instead of staying on the sidelines.

"I wanted to show people that I was serious about being involved,"

And he said he'll continue to be involved, even if he's unsuccessful at the ballot box. After all, he lives only steps away from the firehouse where the Town Council meets.

If elected, though, he wants to be a representative who can speak up for those residents who don't feel like they have a voice. He would encourage people to be vigilant about communicating concerns to him.

Because his wife is a veterinary technician, Allison also has become worried about a problem with pet waste on Remington's streets.

It's a community health issue that he figures could be addressed by installing waste stations with plastic bags.

"There are a lot of health issues to pet waste," he said.

In other matters, Allison would like to see more community events in Remington and more businesses come to town.

He's already talked to restauranteurs in other places about setting up shop in the municipality.

Allison said his biggest challenge in running for office is to make himself known to voters. Other candidates have been in the town much longer than he has.

"A lot of people don't know who I am," he said.

But that seems to be changing all the time, as the burly man with the shaved head and prominent beard loves to talk and get to know his neighbors.

"I like to meet new and interesting people," he said.

If elected, he wants to continue that appreciation for others.

The biggest problem some elected officials – at all levels of government – have is forgetting that they're there to serve others, Allison said.

"You have to think that their voice matters," he said of constituents.

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