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[VIDEO] Tighten and tone with Pilates in time for summer

Wednesday, May. 14 | By Hannah Dellinger
Warrenton Pilated Trainer Lori Laws demonstrates the 100 exercise.
Fauquier Times Staff Photo/Randy Litzinger
Pilates helps to strengthen your core, which is useful in every sport and every life.

Warrenton Pilates Head Trainer Susan Koonts sees a lot of clients who are in need of fundamental strength training.

“Pilates builds a foundation. It’s my experience that people go in and start doing other types of exercise, but their foundation muscles of the body are not prepared to support their weight or the impact of what ever it is that they happen to be doing,” said Koonts.

Koonts said that Pilates is about much more than just the abs. It helps form the muscles deep down that support the body properly.

“You need to have a strong core. Most people think that core means abdominal muscles, and of course abs are part of the core, but we’re talking about the muscles that are deep in the body that support your foundation."

(Look for the rest of the story in this week's Fauquier Friday.)

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