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Pearson Elementary wins Battle of the Books

Tuesday, Apr. 15 | By Fauquier Times Staff
With the only perfect score – 10 correct answers through 10 rounds of competition – Pearson Elementary School won the annual Elementary School Battle of the Books April 11 at Liberty High School.

Competition was keen, though, as one slip-up from the Pearson team would have sent them into a five-way tie for first place. Close on their heels were the teams from Brumfield, Highland, Miller and Thompson, all of whom ended the battle tied for second place with 9 out of 10 correct answers. Coleman and Ritchie tied for third place with 8 out of 10 correct answers.

All 11 Fauquier County public elementary schools and two private schools, Highland and Wakefield, competed in the event before an audience of parents, teachers and fellow students. Consisting of five members each (except Thompson with four), the teams answered questions from Moderator Dr. David Jeck, division superintendent, about random facts from the 20 books they had read for the competition. Each team had 30 seconds to confer and then give an oral answer.

At the end of round five, halfway point of the competition, every team had missed one question with the exception of Miller and Pearson. Neck and neck, they both answered correctly in round six and round seven. When the Miller team gave an incorrect answer in round 8, the Pearson team knew they could emerge victorious with three more correct answers. Timid smiles grew into broad grins as the five members – captain Paige Shorey, Bradley Reed, Hunter Humphries, Jacob Laws and Riley Hines – realized they had captured the crown.

“When we were at nine questions and knew we just had one more, I’m like, ‘Come on, guys, we can do it,’” said Hunter. When they answered the 10th question correctly – but several more teams still had to field their 10th question to conclude the competition – the Pearson team said they were celebrating internally.

“We were silently cheering as loud as we could,” said Hunter.

When Dr. Jeck announced that the Pearson team had, indeed, taken first place, their arms shot up in victory, and high fives erupted. As winners of this year’s Battle of the Books, the Pearson team received a plaque that will be displayed at their school throughout the coming year until next year’s Battle of the Books.

The 20 books students read for Battle of the Books consisted of three books each in the categories of adventure, author study, historical fiction, and mystery/suspense along with four realistic fiction books and four science fiction/fantasy books. Judges for the competition were Jennifer Schultz, youth services librarian in the Warrenton branch of the Fauquier County Public Library, and Diane Shofkom from the school division’s library and media services. Timekeeper was Brenda Meier, also from the school division’s library and media services.
The Pearson team celebrating their win.
Courtesy Photo

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