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Painter puts Marshall on canvas

Friday, Oct. 19 | By Alisa Booze Troetschel
Farzin Sadeghi is emerging from his studio nestled in a valley outside of Marshall.

After 10 years of building a collection of paintings and multimedia work, he is sharing his creations with the viewing public.

Sadeghi, a retired architect, paints about 20 days out of a month, six to eight hours a day.

A work in progress rests on a table in front of a window in his studio. Rays of color radiate diagonally from the lower right corner, as if from a single origin.

They are halted by round objects — planets perhaps — which will alter the qualities of the rays, Sadeghi said. For now, the other side of the objects is blank.

Sadeghi’s art is vibrant. He said he uses color to show the unexpectedness inherent in living.

People are often not what we expect them to be. Life works out differently than what we anticipated.

The self-taught painter describes his work as “a music of colors and shapes , a kind of melody.” He appears to favor vibrant colors, especially blue, turquoise, purple and green, and does most of his work with acrylic paints.

Sadeghi’s paintings are a tangible expression of what is going on in his mind. For him, art is talk, the best mode of expression.

The viewer can see that Sadeghi uses design in different ways.

“Farzin has gone through a lot of stages and experimentation,” said Jack Wiedemer, his brother-in-law in Maryland.

With some exceptions, Sadeghi’s paintings follow three styles. In the first, wavy bands of color interweave. In another approach, color emanates from a center like the “Big Bang” of an exploding star. And last, Sadeghi paints straight bands of color.

“If I like it, I repeat it, ” Sadeghi said.

The artist put his individual stamp on his studio . It is on the second floor of a building below the knoll where his home stands.

Sunlight streams into the room from windows lining two walls. Light purple walls frame the windows. Instead of being flat, the ceiling undulates in bands of lightly-colored fabrics.

Outside of those windows are forest, fields and hills . Beauty inspires Sadeghi.

“My work is my expression of Marshall,” Sadeghi said. The colors of the landscape are reflected in his paintings. If he lived in Washington, D.C., he would use different colors, he said.

As a college student, the Iranian native was exposed to art in Iran and Europe . He painted and taught art in his community in Iran. He made the United States his home in 1984, and has lived in Marshall for 10 years.

Although Wiedemer has known Sadeghi for 20 years, 11 of which as his brother -in-law, he was unaware of his painting until two years ago.

“He has somewhat of a hermit’s approach,” Wiedemer said of Sadeghi. For a year , Wiedemer tried, and finally succeeded, in persuading him to show his work.

Sadeghi is all for the idea now.

“I think my work has value to be shown,” he said.

He is having some success. One painting w as selected for a juried show at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria. His work is showing at Brookside Gardens in Montgomery Parks in Montgomery County , Md., as well as at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn in Gaithersburg , Md., said Firouzeh Sadeghi, his sister.

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