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Out for a horse ride, and into another world

Sunday, Nov. 25 | By Betsy Burke Parker
When Virginia foxhunter George Talbot Traherne loses track of the Rowanton Hunt’s hounds in a dense covert, the last thing he expects is to find himself jumping a log into the fae otherworld.

Riding his horse Mosby over a fallen log, Traherne hits his head on a branch, waking up to find himself in the same place, yet another world.

In “To Carry The Horn” Hume-based writer Karen Myers combines her knowledge of hunting, ancient languages and traditional mythology to create a believable elf-land that exists in Virginia’s verdant region.

In the book’ s opening sequence, huntsman Iolo is murdered, a direct attempt to make the upcoming Wild Hunt fail. Without a huntsman, how will the legendary hounds hunt their hapless quarry?

Drawing from northern European myth, Myers concocts a real-life fairy tale as Traherne is called unaware into the land of his great-grandfather Gwyn.

With characters based on easily recognizable hunt country personalities, Myers says none is an exact roman a clef. Only Blue Ridge Hunt’ s Iona Pillion makes an actual cameo appearance, an elvish pony breeder who is friends with the murdered Annwn huntsman.

Virginia hunt country readers will do well to remember that “To Carry The Horn” is not a contemporary foxhunting novel with elements of fantasy — as in the popular works of a ward-winning Charlottesville writer Rita Mae Brown. Rather, it is a contemporary fantasy book with elements of foxhunting.

It’s a work of thought-provoking fiction. The story will engross all, possibly bewilder some.

Google is your friend here. In addition to a helpful list of characters and Welsh pronunciation guide included at the back of the E-book, all of the traditional mythical players can be researched more online to help understand the prevailing myth Myers has laid out.

Myers has constructed a smooth, strong novel, her content well built, characters believable and richly developed. “To Carry The Horn” stands up through story architecture and displays a thorough knowledge of foxhunting.

To order, log onto http://www.perkunaspress.com/wp/books/the-hounds-of-annwn/to-carry-the-horn The p.rice is $5.99 for an E-book, $17.99 in paperback. “The Hounds of Annwn” is 427 pages. Myers work is not written as a young adult book, but it is suitable for a teenage audience.
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