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Oasis Winery site sold for $1.1 million at auction

Friday, May. 3 | By Mark Grandstaff | Google+
Gubernatorial candidate and onetime reality-TV mainstay Tareq Salahi has vowed to block the sale of the land on which his family's winery once did business.
The former Oasis Winery site has been sold for $1.1 million.

Roanoke-based law firm Spilman Thomas & Battle announced a May 11 on-site auction for the land, about 100 acres at 14141 Hume Road. Fauquier County has assessed the land at $1.66 million.

But there was a second auction for the same property Thursday, said Neil I. Title, counsel for Advantageous Equities LLC.

At that auction, a man bought the site for a total of 1,114,341.46, Title said.

Title did not wish to identify the buyer Friday. The man is discussing the possible sale of the newly-purchased land to an interested third party, Title said.

There were two auctions, Title said, because there were two loans taken out on the property.

According to Spilman Thomas & Battle, the property was sold because of the execution of a credit line deed of trust.

In 2005, Salahi Family Limited Partnership used the land as collateral for a $100,000 loan, according to documents in the Clerk's Office of the Fauquier County Circuit Court.

The buyer has to contend with the first loan, Title said. Of the purchase price, $950,000 goes to Advantageous Equities and the balance will go to satisfy the first trust lien.

But Title expects to wire the remainder to satisfy the lien by Monday.

Not much is left of the winery, once owned by the Salahi family, which Wine Spectator Magazine named in the 1990s as one of its top 10 sparkling wine producers.

Business at Oasis Vineyards faltered after a series of lawsuits between Corinne and Dirgham Salahi and their son, Tareq. The lawsuits were dropped without resolution, but the damage had been done.

The winery filed for bankruptcy in 2008. In 2011, its assets were auctioned off for a total of $170,000.

Tareq, a candidate in Virginia's gubernatorial race, said the trustees had shut him out of the sale process.

He called the $100,000 loan "fraudulent," saying he never co-signed such a note. He also alleged that the auctioneer is using "a federally trademarked/registered name" to market the sale without consent.

Salahi's parents signed the 2005 document in Fauquier County records.

When Dirgham died in 2010, Corinne became the sole member of Salahi Family Limited Partnership.

In a statement to media last month, Salahi vowed to fight the sale of the land on which his family's winery once sat.

"This matter is just getting started and will unfortunately likely be a long, drawn-out legal battle due to the multiple legal infractions perpetuated by the various parties involved, and the intricacies and bureaucracy of the case," Salahi said.
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