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New trail to WARF inches toward reality

Wednesday, Jul. 16 | By Hannah Dellinger
The concept drawing of the proposed Timber Fence Trail extension that the town of Warrenton put forward to the School Board.
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The Fauquier County Public School Board approved a request to authorize a letter of intent to the town of Warrenton in support of the construction of an extension of the Timber Fence Trail to link the Olde Gold Cup neighborhood to the Warrenton Aquatic and Recreation Facility on Monday night.

There has been talk of creating the trail extension for over a year, but work was put off for budgeting reasons. Original plans for the trail called for part of Fauquier High School’s practice field in order to connect the trails. FCPS and the project developers, N.V.P., couldn’t agree on a price for the land easements.

The concept drawing of the new plan shows a trail that goes from Timber Fence Trail down Waterloo Road along the western edge of FHS and cross the tennis courts.

“There’s a lot of dependencies here going forward,” said board member Brian Gorg from the Center District. “I don’t think that anybody can go forward with out this letter of intent, but I want to say that this school board has reserved a lot of rights to continue to evaluate this and make sure that our input is in on this.”

The letter of intent will contain wording that the board will be able to discuss the terms and conditions of the trail once there is an engineered drawing of the plan.

“I think that it would be great to support this project,” said Board Chairwomen Sheryl Wolfe from the Lee District. “I think that it’s a needed project, depending on how it turns out. I think it’s a great concept.”

Other school board actions:

The board appointed Ladona Gorham to the new position of supervisor for advanced studies and fine arts.

The board appointed Mark Marchinetti to be the new assistant principal of South Eastern alternative school.

The board appointed Kimberly Payne to be the new assistant principal of Pearson elementary.

The board appointed Leah Shorb to be the assistant interim principal of Cedar Lee Middle School.

The board approved converting two English as a Second Language instructional assistant positions into one full time position.

The board approved changing the school system’s student accident insurance policy from 100 percent usual and customary student insurance coverage with no deductible to an 80 percent usual and customary student insurance coverage with a $100 deductible.

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