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New company brings cleaning to customers

Monday, Nov. 26 | By Alisa Booze Troetschel
Dennis O’Brien and Brett Dalrymple show of f some of the equipment used by their company , PuroClean, when they go to a customer’s home. Times-Democrat Staff Photo/Randy Litzinger
Bonnie Knauf remembers the rainstorm in September.

Droplets fell from her roof to the dining room to the basement of her home . She called Puroclean. The business searched for damage and got rid of mold.

They repaired holes in the drywall that they had to make and they took care of the root of the problem by replacing boots around pipes in the roof.

And, they did all of this quickly, said Knauf, with a high quality of work, and in a responsive, courteous and kind manner,

Puroclean aims to treat customers like family, said co-owner Dennis O’Brien. “We will be there for their time of need, ” said his partner, Brett Dalrymple, of the four -month-old business.

The need might arise from water heater or pipes bursting, a toilet overflowing, or, as with Knauf’s problem, storm damage. Puroclean does mold remediation, bio-hazard cleanup (from a sewage backup), fire and smoke cleanup.

They will also board and tape up property after a break-in, or when a tree falls on a house, or after firemen knock out windows. Dalrymple and O’Brien started the business in order to do it their way.

The want to be more customer -service oriented rather than just giving a response to a problem. Part of that includes working with insurance companies, and being available for questions and repairs following the cleanup.

“We’ve always strived to go above and beyond and care about everything we do, both business and personal,” O’Brien said. “It’s been great to do [our work] by our own guidelines as opposed to by someone else’s.”

This kind of work is all O’Brien has ever known.He’s been in the business for 18 years and revels in getting out in the community and helping people.

O’Brien and Dalrymple worked together for another company for five years before deciding to go out on their own. O’Brien said it’s refreshing. Dalrymple made a personal discovery.

“You put your heart and soul into it because it is your own,” said Dalrymple.

He experienced quite a bit of growth in coming to understand the effort and passion required to start and run your own business. And, he’s learned to appreciate others who are also engaged in that pursuit.

Puroclean joined the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce. They’ve found a supportive business community. And, they’ve tried to be the same way.

Dalrymple and O’Brien offer continuing education courses to property managers, real estate agents and insurance industry staff. They make a point of using local businesses for catering and renting space.

Also, because they received opportunities from people, they want to return the good will. The families of both men contributed $500 each to help two other families in need. Feel free to contact them via Facebook or (540) 316-6100 with suggestions.

Their challenges have been in getting the telephone to ring, said Dalrymple. To accomplish that, the duo have gone door to door to real estate and insurance offices.

So far, the business is where they planned for it to be, Dalrymple said. O’Brien adds that they have met or exceeded every target and goal they’ve set.

Now their objective is to create more jobs in the area. Puroclean currently employs two additional people on an as-needed basis .

Moreover, they want Puroclean to be the first one that area businesses and residents think of when an emergency arises. Both men said that desire is there even if advice or an answer to a question is all that is asked.

Fred Austin said that communication is one of their strong points. Recently, water leaked in an apartment building that Austin Realty Management and Investments Inc. oversees.

Not only did Puroclean clean the carpets and make sure the apartment dried out well, said Austin, but they were extremely good about reporting what they were doing,

“If you don’t know what is going on, you get nervous,” said Austin.
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