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Napoleon’s future still uncertain

Monday, Jul. 21 | By Julie Taylor
--Fauquier Times Staff Photo/Randy Litzinger
Mayor Powell L. Duggan met with town officials Monday morning and related back their decision to immediately make a minor renovation.

The town is not prepared to demolish the historic buildings at 67 Waterloo St., but tomorrow they will tear down a plaster-covered exhaust flue that faces Smith Street, which he can do under his existing demolition permit. Afterwards, the street will re-open.

"I was at a short meeting with Bill Mercer, the building inspector, and Ken [McLawahon, the town manager], and owner of the property [Horacio Magalhaes], said Duggan.

He said he was unsure how bad the fire damage was within the historic buildings, and their outcome will be determined in the near future.

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