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Mrs. Duvall visits Kettle Run to speak to students about economics curriculum

Monday, Jun. 2 | By Fauquier Times Staff
Luciana Pedraza, wife of actor and Fauquier County land owner Robert Duvall, at a recent visit to Kettle Run High School.
Courtesy Photo.
Mrs. Robert Duvall visited Kettle Run High School May 28 to talk to students about the Dave Ramsey curriculum that the Robert Duvall Children’s Foundation donates to the three public high schools in Fauquier County.

The wife of the veteran actor and director, who owns a farm in rural Fauquier County, visited teacher Malinda Pilla’s economics and personal finance class to see how students liked the financial author’s curriculum and what they have learned from it.

Students spoke candidly with Mrs. Duvall, reacting favorably to the Ramsey program, noting that they have learned from it how to be financially responsible. They said they have learned the importance of having an emergency fund and investing to build net worth.

“They have learned that a person’s net worth does not depend upon income, but about managing money responsibly,” said Ms. Pilla. “They know that financial security allows them to take care of the physical and intellectual parts of their lives in order to have a balanced lifestyle.”

Several students said that they can now have a two-way financial conversation with their parents instead of their parents simply telling them what they should do financially. Also, a number of the students told Mrs. Duvall that the class has helped them reevaluate how they will pay for higher education. Several said they have learned how to research and study their options before making a decision. Some mentioned learning about giving and how this adds to their sense of well-being.

Ms. Pilla shared her own reaction to the course as well: “I love teaching this course because I know it gives students life skills that will enrich their lives,” she said.

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