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Mastiff bites woman at First Friday

Friday, May. 9 | By Julie Taylor
At the First Friday celebration in Warrenton last week, a woman was bitten in the face by a Mastiff.

The dog's owner tied the leash around a stop sign, so the he could go into a restaurant on Main Street, according to Sgt. George Southard with the Warrenton Police Department.

Southard noticed the two-year-old canine throughout the evening.

"The dog was out all night during the event," said Southard. "Kids were playing with it."

He said the animal was laying down when the woman bent down to pet him. The dog snapped when she put her face in the dogs face.

The woman received several stitches, and was discharged from the hospital later that night.

Animal control was called, and they did their part, speaking with the owner.

"At this point, we haven't seen any crime occur as far as the dog is concerned," said Southard.

The dog was licensed and properly vaccinated against rabies.

"It never came across as an aggressive dog throughout the event," said Southard. But "You take a chance when you try to play with a strange dog."

The Police are working with the town attorney to see about criminal charges.

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