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Marvin Andrew Mudd of Culpeper sentenced to 20 years for Leeds Court robbery

Thursday, Jul. 10 | By Julie Taylor
Marvin Andrew Mudd exiting Fauquier County Circuit Court after receiving a 20 year sentence on Wednesday.
In court today, Marvin Andrew Mudd, 20 of Culpeper, was sentenced for following an elderly woman into her Warrenton home this past winter and robbing her at gunpoint.

Judge Herman A. Whisenant Jr. sentenced Mudd to 45 years in state penitentiary, with 28 suspended and 12 years probation, plus three years in state penitentiary for an additional charge, and ordered him to pay $2,083 in restitution.

The victim, an 86-year-old woman, told the court of her pain and suffering.

Her voice cracked with emotion when spoke, telling the court how she moved from Maryland to her home in Warrenton 20 years ago "because my home was broken into."

When Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Stephanie Siegel asked about the nature of the victim's injuries, she replied "I was knocked down, fell on the stairs. My back hit them."

After her first visit to the emergency room, she was released without the doctors recognizing that her back was broken. She went back the next day for proper care.

"It hurt so bad I could not get off the bed," she said.

In addition to what her doctor said is potentially permanent back pain, she has also lost the feeling in her three fingers and thumb because her purse strap was wrapped around them as Mudd yanked it away. Her already high blood pressure was exacerbated, and the stress of the trauma took a toll mentally and physically.

"I lost 15 pounds," she said.

Reviewing details of the case, Siegel said, "He selected her at Giant parking lot, and followed her to her house."

It was broad daylight when Mudd, who was driven in his then-girlfriend's car, went into the victim's home in Leeds Court.

Mudd and his girlfriend at the time were later seen on a surveillance camera attempting to use the debit card extracted from the victim's purse, according to assistant public defender Kelly O'Donnell. He was arrested two days after the crime was committed.

When Mudd was told the victim would testify in court, "he broke down," said O'Donnell. She also said that he wrote and submitted a letter of apology to the court and to the victim without prompt.

Mudd hung his head low for the duration of the trial.

Siegel rebuffed the argument by reminding the court of his record: he was convicted on June 11, 2013 robbery—during which Siegel said he "beat someone up, and took their wallet." After seven months in jail, then six months under adult supervised probation, he committed the current violation, which was "ramped up," according to Siegel.

Mudd rose to say "I'm very sorry for my actions. I'll never do something like this ever in my life."

Whisenant responded, "Sometimes conduct speaks louder than words."

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