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Main Street rapist gets three life sentences for 2011 assault

Monday, Jan. 6 | By Staff
Rodney Carter, 47
A Warrenton man who pleaded guilty to abducting a woman from a Main Street Warrenton parking lot by knife-point and raping her, received three consecutive life sentences without parole today in Fauquier County Circuit Court.

Rodney Carter, 47, pleaded guilty to abduction with intent to defile, rape and forcible sodomy charges in May. Carter tried to withdraw his guilty plea, but was denied by Fauquier County Circuit Court, Judge Herman A. Whisenant Jr. in November.

Commonwealth's Attorney James Fisher argued for maximum sentences for Carter, stating that he was “a dangerous man”who needed to “be separated from society” for as long as possible.

The woman Carter raped testified in the sentencing proceeding before the Circuit Court today. In her testimony, she described the emotional and physical toll that the crimes took on her.

Fisher praised her for her “emotional toughness.”

“She is a hero,” said Fisher. “There is no doubt that her inner strength working with police to retrace the steps of her abduction immediately after being abducted and raped saved future victims.”

Assistant Commonwealth's attorney, Stephanie Siegel, offered the 911 call made by the victim the night of the abduction. Details from the victim's testimony matched the emotional phone call that she made more than two years ago.

Whisenant said the facts and evidence presented to him “were horrifying.”

According to Commonwealth prosecutors, Carter ambushed a 20-year-old woman in a parking lot behind a restaurant on Main Street in down town Warrenton on Aug. 15 2011, at about 9:30 pm.

Carter then put a knife to the woman's neck and told her to “do what he said if she wanted to live.”

Carter then forced the woman to drive to another parking lot, where he forced her to perform oral sex.

The woman was forced to drive to a second parking lot, where Carter blind folded here, made her walk through the Warrenton cemetery, and into the basement entrance of his house on Warrenton Boulevard.

Prosecutors say that Carter then raped the woman twice before he forced her to shower in his basement bathroom.

After forcing her to shower, Carter then hugged the woman and told her he was sorry. He blind folded her again and returned her to her car.

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