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[VIDEO] Cryface: creating a new musical genre

Tuesday, Apr. 15 | By Hannah Dellinger
Marry Simmons belting out soulfully sung original lyrics for the Cryface album.
Photo by Paul Stroud
It’s not quite like anything you’ve ever heard before. There are sultry, smoothly haunting vocals wrapped around expertly intricate and new electronic sounds with underlying beats that make you want to dance.

Cryface is a music project that a group of local musicians are in the process of putting together in a home studio in Middleburg. Their goal is to make it big with music that is fresh and new, but also commercially viable. The project is centered around the vocals of Mary Simmons, a young singer with an impressive natural range. While their goal is to create a dark, dance, hip-hop and R&B sound, the project is constantly evolving and changing.

“I want to put together this new genre of music that’s different, that’s going to be a for-profit record,” said Cryface producer Luke Johnson. “It’s going to be a cohesive sound and it’s going to break a lot of rules as far as what’s acceptable to do in indie and commercial music.”

(Look for the rest of the story in our new publication Fauquier Friday, out on April 18.)

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