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Former Fauquier soccer coach, club sued for millions in sex abuse civil suit

Monday, Nov. 4 | By Mark Grandstaff | Google+
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
A former Fauquier County Soccer Club member wants $150 million for alleged sexual abuses inflicted upon him by a former coach.

According to a civil suit filed Monday at Fauquier County Circuit Court, William Joseph “Jake” Fisher is suing the soccer club for $80 million for seven counts of negligence. Fisher is also suing his former coach Mark Gallick for three counts of negligence, one count of battery, one count of intentionally inflicting emotional distress and one count of wanton and willful conduct, totaling $70 million in judgment.

The charges stem from Gallick's tenure as a youth soccer coach from 2003 to 2009. Gallick, a former U.S. Secret Service agent, allegedly used his position as a coach and a role model to “groom potential victims by isolating them in situations without any other adult supervision.”

Fisher was 14 when he joined the club.

The suit alleges that Gallick exposed the middle school students on his team to alcohol, pornography and drugs, and plied them with gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, commonly known as “GHB.”

On several occasions, Gallick allegedly forced Fisher to drink alcohol and GHB, sexually assaulting Fisher while Fisher passed in and out of consciousness.

For a year and a half, Gallick allegedly drugged and raped Fisher “at least once a month for the next year and a half.”

By 2006, Gallick allegedly and openly gave GHB to Fisher and taught the boy how to make it. Gallick allegedly told Fisher that GHB was a performance drug used by bodybuilders.

The suit said Fisher was afraid to stop Gallick's alleged abuse because of Gallick's position as an assistant coach and as a Secret Service agent.

Several parents allegedly contacted the Fauquier County Soccer Club about Gallick's sleepovers and inappropriate comments to boys on the soccer teams.

In response, the suit claims that the the soccer club's disciplinary committee repeatedly told board members, a former coach and parents that Gallick posed no risk. The committee did not make inquiries of the soccer team players about Gallick's conduct, or take any disciplinary action against Gallick.

Gallick left the soccer club in 2009 and moved to Colorado. Shortly afterward, Gallick resigned from the Secret Service “in the wake of an investigation into his pedophilia.”

Gallick was also discharged from the Boy Scouts of America in 1989 after allegations of sexual assault on a 17-year-old scout in July of 1989 at Camp Durant in Carthage, N.C.

“Our client, as a result of the sexual abuse, got into doing drugs and was going down, spiraling out of control,” said John Yanonne, a D.C.-based lawyer representing Fisher.

“[Fisher] ended up committing a criminal act to steal drugs and is currently in the Rockingham Regional Jail awaiting sentencing,” Yanonne said.

Fisher has pleaded to counts of armed robbery and abduction of a minor.

According to the civil complaint, Fisher repressed the memory of Gallick's alleged molestation until 2012, when he spoke with a therapist.

An email requesting comment from Tim Schulke, identified as the Fauquier County Soccer Club's board chairman on the group's website, was not returned Monday afternoon.

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