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Fauquier parish breaks ground for new church

Tuesday, May. 21 | By Staff
This time, the water dousing the ground at the the future site of St. Patrick's Orthodox Church was joyous. It couldn't have differed more from the scores of gallons propelled from firefighters' hoses before dawn last July 25.

Sunday, the Orthodox parish broke ground at the same site near Marsh Road where its renovated barn burned to the ground nearly a year ago, the fire set by an arsonist.

Around noon, Father Patrick Cardine and parishioners sprinkled the foundation with holy water, during a short groundbreaking ceremony that also included prayers and the singing of Psalms.

Father Patrick said he and the parish haven't had any contact with the confessed arsonist, Sean Edward Macsorley, but he has talked to detectives and the public defender's office regarding the case.

Cardine chose Psalm 83, which addresses God's enemies, to be chanted at the end of the groundbreaking: "As fire consumes the forest or a flame sets the mountains ablaze, so pursue them with your tempest and terrify them with your storm."

The fire torpedoed the $130,000 that the church had poured into its original building project; while funding is still in uncertain, the group's morale is not...

(For the complete story, please read Wednesday's edition of the Fauquier Times-Democrat)

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