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Fauquier is Boston strong

Tuesday, Apr. 22 | By Julie Taylor
Alix Hazel, Fauquier County assistant commonwealth's attorney, finishes a recent marathon. She just finished running in this year's Boston Marathon.
Alix Hazel, a Harvard University graduate who was born and raised in Fauquier County, is making her way north to run in the Boston Marathon on the anniversary of the 2013 bombing attack.

"On Monday, we will remind ourselves and others that fear will never hold us back, and I consider it an honor to be a part of this experience,” said Hazel, an assistant commonwealth’s attorney for Fauquier, in an interview last Friday.

When the bombings occurred, she was hiking in Argentina with a Harvard roommate. When they got back to the hotel, she plugged her phone in, and was shocked to see a dozen messages appear.

"My first emotion was that I was really angry. How dare someone choose this day of absolute celebration of health and life?" she said.

"They picked the wrong group to try to beat down. The wrong venue to make such a horrible statement," she said.

After the blast that took three lives and injured at least 260, Hazel began to hear the stories of all the Bostonians who helped the displaced runners.

"It's very inspirational. That's the Boston that I know and love from my time there," she said. "I shed a few tears when I read those stories."

Hazel said she has always dreamed of running in the Boston Marathon, but past marathon times wouldn't qualify her to run the historic race.

Until last April.

At a pivotal time in her personal life, she decided to get away to Paris for a weekend trip, running a marathon without the pressure of even wearing a watch and crossed the finish line at 3:33:22.

"The Boston cutoff for women in my age group was 3 hours, 35 minutes," she said.

The competition to sign up for the race increased because so many people wanted to run in memory of the events last year. Because of that increase, sign ups opened in increments, allowing the fastest a chance to sign up first, then opening the qualifying time by 10 more minutes until the race was at capacity.

Hazel was able to qualify "With not a second to spare," she said.

Her boss, Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Fisher said, “I am delighted to have such a bright, talented attorney in our office. Her passion for athleticism is matched by her passion for justice. She is a real credit to the local administration of justice. I know she will represent us well in Boston."

Hazel said, “Running Boston has been a lifelong goal, but to participate this year, to be a member of the running community that will join together to show the world an indomitable spirit, it's almost indescribable."

"I'm excited to go out there and represent Boston and Fauquier County," she said.

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