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Fauquier Health releases study on health needs of county

Tuesday, Jun. 24 | By Fauquier Times Staff
Before a doctor can heal a patient, it’s important to know what’s causing the pain. It’s the same with a community.

Fauquier Health and Fauquier Health Foundation commissioned an extensive study of the health needs of Fauquier and Rappahannock counties. Respondents most frequently cited obesity, mental health conditions, diabetes and substance abuse as areas of concern. When asked to identify community-wide service gaps, more than 70 percent of respondents listed behavioral health services (including mental health, substance abuse and intellectual disability), followed by senior/aging services and access to care. Additionally, 48 respondents offered specific ideas and suggestions. These responses are included in their entirety in the full report.

The study was conducted in three parts:
1. Community Interviews with selected community leaders provided insights about the characteristics of a healthy community, as well as vulnerable populations, emerging health issues, community assets and opportunities for community collaboration. The interview participants expressed diverse perspectives on these topics.

2. A Community Survey of a broader group of community stakeholders helped identify key health concerns, service gaps, and vulnerable or at-risk populations and regions.

3. Community Indicators were determined using dozens of community health data sources. Community Health Solutions, the organization commissioned to run the study, analyzed data from multiple sources. The analysis focused on indicators that provide broad insight into community health, including demographics, mortality rates, maternal and infant health information, preventable hospitalizations and behavioral health hospitalizations.

"The findings of the Community Health Needs Assessment are so important," commented Fauquier Health President/CEO Rodger Baker. "They provide direction to health care providers on needed fields of treatment and education.”

Christy Connolly president/CEO Fauquier Health Foundation added that, “For nonprofits, like the Fauquier Health Foundation, the Health Needs Assessment presents clues for where to focus programmatic and grant making efforts. We make the report public so that any interested citizen can better understand the needs of the community and help become part of the solution."

To read the full report or to read the brief summary of findings, go to
http://www.fauquierhealth.org/about-us.Community_Health_Needs_Assessment or

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