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Fauquier Friday debuts with new format and new mission

Friday, Apr. 18 | By Ray Finefrock
Your Friday Fauquier Times is changing to better serve you.

This week, Fauquier Friday will make its debut. It will look different, feel different and, most importantly, have different content.

This change is in response not only to comments from advertisers, but also from readers like you who have repeatedly told us that “the Friday paper is just a smaller version of the Wednesday paper.”

No more.

Fauquier Friday will have the information that you want to help you plan your weekend.

The paper will have a contemporary feel and offer stories in five main categories. You have gotten to know our reporting team and each of the three reporters will be responsible for specific area.

Listed below are the topics on which Fauquier Friday will focus and the reporter who will typically be covering them for you:

-Fauquier Folks (Julie Taylor)
-Made in Fauquier (Jonathan Hunley)
-Fun and Festivities (Julie Taylor)
-Fitness, Health and Fashion (Hannah Dellinger)
-Fine Arts (Hannah Dellinger)

What is particularly exciting to me is that each reporter is covering an area in which they have a real interest as well as the background to provide you with the best possible information.

We are not totally eliminating the “news” part of the Fauquier Friday newspaper. There will be a page for updates of stories in the Wednesday paper, as well as for breaking news. Jonathan Hunley will handle that responsibility.

Look for an expanded events calendar listing activities in which you can participate listed up to a week in advance.

We want this paper to be not only interesting graphically and visually, but also filled with “behind the scenes” stories.

Here's an example.

Constance Lyons, who writes most of our arts stories for the Time Out page on Wednesday may tell you about a play being staged by the Fauquier Community Theatre.

In Fauquier Friday, we would go backstage and ask questions such as “How does a group of people who may never have before worked together – who may not even know each other prior to being cast in their roles – come together almost like a family to mount a production that is both believable and interesting.” Or “what is the role of the stage manager?” Or maybe “how are costumes chosen, lighting selected and sound effects created?” “What about the sets. How are they constructed, and by whom?”

We'll take you “back stage” and, hopefully, having you see how things work.

Those of you who like hard news coverage and enterprise reporting, will find more of those kinds of stories in the Wednesday Fauquier Times as our reporters dig even deeper into their beat coverage.

We're hoping Fauquier Friday will be interactive in the sense that you, our readers, will contact our reporters and suggest story ideas.

What would you like to see covered in the categories listed above? Who in Fauquier would you like to know more about?

Perhaps we will even cover interesting occupations. Probably most of our readers don't know how our newspapers gets from the presses in Fredericksburg to your door. Through a story, we might take you on a “ridealong” with a delivery driver so you can vicariously experience what they go through to make sure you get your paper. I can tell you that most of them would have some amazing tales to tell about their experiences this past difficult winter.

We want Fauquier Friday to engage our readers in unusual and surprising ways. We hope each edition contains at least one story that has you saying, “Wow, I didn't know that!”

I mentioned a different look. Fauquier Friday will be a tabloid. With the new shape and the new name it will stand out boldly from the Wednesday Fauquier Times on the newsstand. The content will be fresh and distinct from the Wednesday paper and the reporting style will be more relaxed. Breakout boxes will give extra content and provide our readers with tidbits they can take and use.

Although the articles will have a lighter tone, they will not be “puff pieces.” They will be well researched and professionally reported. These stories will draw you in, take you by surprise and leave you with a new understanding of some person, place, event or activity.

I'm excited about what is happening with Fauquier Friday, but the people I really want to be excited are you, our readers.

Try Fauquier Friday for a few weeks and then let me know what you think. I welcome your emails (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)), your phone calls, (540) 351-0487, and your Facebook comments.

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