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Fauquier Destination Imagination team makes it to the global championship

Monday, Apr. 14 | By Fauquier Times Staff
Hopefully, the third time will be the charm for the Liberty/Fauquier High School Destination Imagination team that will be heading to the Global Finals competition May 21 through 24 at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

The team placed second at state DI competition on April 5 at Spotswood High School in Rockingham County, qualifying them to advance to Globals for the third time since they’ve been together. Six teams from Fauquier County Public Schools had advanced to the state tournament, but the veteran high school team was the only Fauquier team that qualified for Globals.

The combination LHS/FHS team has been competing in DI tournaments for seven years. Students Lizzi Berger, Matt David and Andy Rockefeller from Liberty High School and Hannah Abeel and Brent Shultz from Fauquier High School first formed a DI team when they were all sixth graders at Taylor Middle School. Now seniors, they will be competing at Globals for the last time.

The team will compete in the “Pandemonium” improvisational category which required them to research 10 occupations from the past from specific time periods and research facial makeup from options of animal, fantasy, doll, Kabuki, clown and monster. At each level of competition – regional, state and globals – they are randomly given one of their research occupations from the past, an unknown occupation from the future and an assigned facial makeup that must be incorporated together during an original five-minute improvisational skit, showing how the characters work, using the time period, their occupations and skills to deal with pandemonium (the problem).

Jennifer Rockefeller, who manages the team along with her husband Brian, said the team had a difficult assignment at the state tournament.

“They had a pretty tough combination of elements to combine but did a great job tying four totally unrelated things together,” she said.

Destination Imagination encourages creativity, responsibility for the solution of a long-term project, and teamwork. At the tournaments, teams have to solve two types of challenges.

In the team challenge, teams select and solve one of six challenges working on their solution independently over a period of several months; on tournament day the team performs their solution before a group of appraisers who score their work. Then, in the instant challenge, they are given a task and/or a performance-based challenge which they must solve on the spot.

LHS student Andy Rockefeller said that of all the years that he and his fellow team members have been competing at DI tournaments, the Instant Challenge at the state tournament was his favorite. Mum’s the word, though, as competitors are not allowed to talk about their state-level Instant Challenges until after Globals is over. Here’s hoping the team’s third and final trip to Globals will make them worldwide winners.
The Liberty/Fauquier High School Destination Imagination team.
Courtesy Photo.

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