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Fauquier crime log for Feb. 24 to March 2

Wednesday, Mar. 5 | By Mark Grandstaff | Google+
Destruction of property:

On Feb. 26, the copper tubes on a heat pump were damaged in the 6100 block of Squirrel Nest Lane in Warrenton. Loss is estimated at $1700.


On Feb. 24, two brass light fixtures were taken from a construction site in the 7200 block of Freemont Hill Court in Warrenton. Loss is estimated at $350.

On Feb. 25, a debit card was stolen from the 9500 block of Withers Mill Way in Warrenton and fraudulently used in several locations. Loss is estimated at $166.59. Investigation continues.

On Feb. 26, an innkeeper in the 9500 block of James Madison Highway in Warrenton was defrauded under false pretenses. Loss is estimated at $915. Investigation continues.

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