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Fauquier 9-1-1 Dispatch Center goes above and beyond

Tuesday, Jul. 1 | By Julie Taylor

The team inside the Fauquier 9-1-1 dispatch center is trained to the highest standard, and they recently received national certification for their training standards—an accreditation that is not required.

The APCO P33, self-declared leaders in communication, awarded the agency with the certification after reviewing the curriculum that they established.

"APCO is one of two trade organizations that represent public safety communication standards for public safety communication officials," said Capt. Micah Meadows of the Fauquier County Sheriff's Office.

The Fauquier office is one of six agencies nationwide to have met the minimum requirement.

Meadows said his team created a curriculum specific to Fauquier County, pulling from other agencies as a foundation.

"We tailor to the needs of Fauquier County," said Meadows.

P33 Certification is a formal way of ensuring the agency meets APCO American National Standards.

“P33 Certification plays a vital role in keeping agencies up-to-date with their procedures and training programs,” said APCO President Gigi Smith in a press release.

Telecommunicators provide essential services to the community, and their initial and continuing training will further that.

"Our staff does a tremendous job," said Meadows. "We are the first first responders as I like to say."

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