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Don’t stay home tonight! There’s plenty to do at First Friday

Friday, May. 2 | By Julie Taylor
After tonight, your life will be complete. The theme for this year's first "1st Fr!day" is Bucket List Busting. Activities like learning to swing dance, getting a "tattoo", and lots of other activities will be available from 6 to 9 p.m. in downtown Warrenton.

"There's gonna be a lot of fun things to do," said Jennifer Goldman, executive director for Partnership for Warrenton.

SWING DANCING!: "The Silvertone Swing Band will be at the post office from 7:30 to 9 p.m., but preceding that is swing dance instructor Ben Segal from 6:3 to7:30 p.m.," Goldman said. "You can do your own swing dance and cross that off your bucket list!"
Goldman said that many of the shops will keep their doors open late.
"There's gonna be a lot of wine tastings and specials inside the stores,” she said.
And here's some more Bucket List items you can draw a line through if you go out to 1st Fr!day.

SKYDIVING!: Dana M. Griffith, president of Furnish a Home Again, said they will have a station where you can pretend to skydive.
"We will have a sky backdrop, goggle, harness, and 'parachute' for photo ops," Griffith said.

SIT IN WORLD WAR II JEEP!: Brian Scannon, of Remington Post 247, said they will do a cool photo-op too.
"The Fauquier Veterans Bridge Council will be present with a replica World War II Army Jeep," Scannon said. "[It will be] available for pictures, sitting in, whatever your heart desires,” Scannon said.
The group will be promoting the Opal Bypass as the "William Sidney Shacklette Bypass," after the Delaplane man who is the only known Fauquier veteran to ever be awarded the military’s highest honor, the Medal of Honor.
"We will have a few members in military uniform of that era," Scannon said.

KISS A CANINE!: OK, maybe this is only on some very unusual bucket lists, but Barbara Bromley, volunteer coordinator at the Fauquier SPCA, said "The SPCA is looking forward to having 1st Fr!day attendees 'Smooch a Pooch' at our kissing booth. We hope that this will encourage residents of the area to remember the shelter the next time they’re looking for a companion animal."

RIDE AN ELEPHANT!: Adam Cassandra, vice chairman of Fauquier County Young Republicans is also presenting an animal. Or something along those lines.
"[We] will be participating in the Bucket List theme this month by letting people come by our booth to 'ride an elephant,'" Cassandra said. "Will there be a 10-foot pachyderm walking down Main Street? Well, people will just have to come to 1st Fr!day and see."
The Republican group thought that tying in their their mascot was a clever way to participate.

Also, be sure to venture past the courthouse to visit the Fauquier History Museum, formerly known as the Old Jail Museum for its grand re-launch.
It now has a locally sourced gift shop, in addition to artifacts including vintage Fauquier fashions, items about past Warrenton businesses and Civil War weaponry and ammunition.

1st Fr!days will take place in May, June – skipping July – August, September and October. Each month will have a different theme.

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