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Allison joins Remington council

Tuesday, May. 6 | By Julie Taylor
Devada R. Allison Jr. (center) won a seat on Remington's Town Council on Tuesday. Photo by Adam Goings
Venturing out to help determine the future of their town, 77 Remington residents cast their votes Tuesday afternoon. According to unofficial results, the municipality has a familiar mayor and a new face on town council.

Once again, Remington voters have elected Mayor Gerald A. Billingsley to office.

"Well, this is an opportunity to continue the work that we've been doing in the community, on the town council," Billingsley said after his win.

He said he looks forward to finishing up a major water project and revamping the fall festival, so that it will once again be held on Main Street.

Billingsley is a Fairfax County teacher who has called Remington home since 1981.

For the past three decades, with the exception of a few months, Billingsley has served on either the town's council or as Remington's mayor.

He won by eight votes over Fauquier County paramedic Lisa Davis. Billingsley received 55.3 percent of the votes, while Davis was just behind at 44.7 percent.

Davis has worked as a paramedic and lived in Fauquier since 2008.

"I'm very happy that I was able to get involved and think it brought some attention to things," Davis said. "I wish Mayor Billingsley and the council good luck and hope they work toward some of the issues, and take into consideration what people have to say."

Davis said she would have liked to see a better voter turnout. There are over 600 eligible residents in Remington, 348 of those are registered. 34 voters fought for Davis, while 42 put Billingsley back in office.
"I really just want to see the town living up to the potential it has," Davis said. "It's a win either way, regardless of who's in the driver seat.

Councilman-Elect Devada R. Allison Jr. was also chosen by voters yesterday evening, according to unofficial results. Though it is a change for the town council, Allison is quite familiar with sitting in on meetings.

"I felt very positive, and I really look forward to July 1 to get in there and start doing the things we need to do," said Allison. "I look forward to serving and being a voice in the town, and all those who voted I want to say thank you."

Allison said he hopes that community members will approach him with new ideas or concerns. As a citizen, he regularly attended the gatherings at the Remington Volunteer Fire & Rescue building, though he has been a resident of the small town for less than a year.

Allison stepped in to take the place of town council member Karen C. Frazier, who was not seeking re-election. Councilwoman Frazier was actually the top vote-getter in 2012.

Allison beat out Randy A. McMillion for the town council seat. In 2012, Remington's most recent election, McMillion unsuccessfully ran for mayor.

Remington's elections are slightly different than the other two towns. In The Plains and Warrenton, officials serve four-year terms. In Remington, officials serve two-year terms.

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