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VIDEO: Building relationships with music

Monday, Mar. 10 | By Hannah Dellinger
Daniel Glenn, a 17-year-old Allegro Community Music School student.
Fauquier Times Staff Photo/Randy Litzinger
When Daniel Glenn was 4 years old, he was infatuated with the Beatles. He memorized all of their songs and wanted to sound just like them.

“I started guitar when I has 5 and a half, so that I could be just like the Beatles,” said Glenn. “I started learning and then I wasn’t playing Beatles, it was more scales and theory. By the time I was actually able to play Beatles songs, I was kind of out of the phase.”

Glenn is now 17, and takes lessons at Allegro Community Music School in Warrenton. He is homeschooled, which allows him to create a schedule that fits around his music classes and performances.

When the interview for this story took place, Glenn was preparing for the Royal Music Conservancy (RMC) exams. The RMC provides a definitive standard of music excellence for students, by testing musicians in a rigorous multiday process. The exams give the students a way to see what kind of musical skill level they possess with a ranking system.

“He’s very talented,” said Allegro guitar teacher, Sam Yoder. “We have a lot of talented people around, but Daniel represents us very well. He has a lot of very good instincts. He tends to be playing from a gut level, which is the way that I would like all of my students to play.”

Glenn has begun to teach young students of his own at home, and hopes to one day teach at Allegro as well.

“You learn as you teach,” said Glenn. “It’s a great vehicle for learning as well."

While he has been playing guitar for most of his life, Glenn has never been in a band. He has been in a guitar ensemble, accompanied various choirs and other allegro students.

“It’s a lot of fun to meet with other musicians and collaborate,” said Glenn.

He has played at numerous different local venues over the years. Glenn often plays at Allegro’s open mic night, the Cellar Door, on Friday nights. He also has played at various venues in Warrenton for First Fridays and at school performances at St. James episcopal pre-school.

“I played on Valentines day for a couple’s anniversary,” said Glenn. “I played for them in one of the restaurants here in Warrenton.”

While Glenn has a passion and a great talent for guitar, he doesn’t think that he will pursue a career in music.

“I don’t think that I want to make a living out of it, just because it’s such a difficult market.”

He is currently looking at universities in Virginia, and is considering careers in marketing or law. Glenn said that he is still unsure of exactly what he wants to do, but he knows that he wants to stay close to home in order to continue to build the relationships that he has made thanks to his music.

While music may not be a way for him to make a living, it will always be a huge part of his life.

“Music is something that has given me the opportunity to make a lot of good relationships in the local community,” said Glenn. “It also has provided me with a lot of stress-relief. Guitar is something that I can pick up and all of my stress goes away as soon as my fingers hit the strings.”
Daniel Glenn, a 17-year-old Allegro Community Music School student.
Fauquier Times Staff Photo/Randy Litzinger Daniel Glenn, a 17-year-old Allegro Community Music School student.
Fauquier Times Staff Photo/Randy Litzinger

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