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VIDEO: Students explore career paths

Tuesday, Feb. 25 | By Hannah Dellinger
Kettle Run CTE Cosmetology students explain the program to rising freshmen.
Fauquier Times Staff Photo/Randy Litzinger
Austin Jenkins, a senior at Liberty High School, had no idea that he wanted to study auto body repair until he attended the school division’s annual Career and Technical Education Fair as an eighth grader.

“I remember coming as an eighth grader to the elective fair,” said Jenkins. “Actually coming to that fair is what got me to take auto body. I had no intentions of going into auto body until I realized what they actually got to do.”

The schools host their annual Pathways Fair for students like Jenkins – and for all of the county’s public middle school eighth graders for the past three years. The idea is to expose the incoming freshmen to what kinds of programs will be offered to them.

“We do this for the kids to make sure that they know what we have to offer as CTE teachers, but also what they can continue to do and hopefully find their path as they move forward with their high school career and ultimately their life-long career,” said Diana Story, a business teacher at Fauquier High School and the CTE Fair organizer.

The students came to Fauquier High on Tuesday through out the day as a learning opportunity and a field trip. In groups the students rotated around the gym from booth to booth listening to what each CTE program has to offer.

“The feedback that we’ve gotten from years previous and from today, is that [the students] fully enjoy it,” said Story. “They find something that they’re interested in and they’re able to come to the high school knowing what programs are available.”

Morgan Wyatt, a Fauquier High senior, presented information about the Agriculture Education program to the eighth graders.

“We’re telling the students about how we incubate eggs and raise them into chickens,” said Wyatt. “They have eggs, we sell the eggs and we sell the chickens. We also have quail and fish. It’s a lot of fun.”

The agriculture booth was set up with quails, a chicken and baby chicks to entice the students to join.

Wyatt said that she participates in the Agriculture Education program, because she would like to peruse a career in animal science.

“A lot of people think that you have to be country to be in agriculture,” said Wyatt. “That’s not true at all. I’m aspiring to be a veterinarian technician and I find all of this stuff interesting and I love being around all the animals and figuring out the whole process of the livestock and what they do.”

Rosalie Sealy, a Fauquier High senior and participant in the Health and Medical Science program, showed students how to perform CPR on a realistic replica of a baby.

“We’re demonstrating what you’d be doing if you were to take a nursing class or an intro to health class,” said Sealy. “You learn basic life skills like CPR, how to help somebody if they’re chocking or taking care of people.”

CTE offers programs in a variety of professional areas. There are classes under the categories of Trade and Industrial Education, Agriculture Education, Business and Marketing, Family and Consumer Science, Health and Medical Sciences, Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. and Technology Education.

For more information, visit http://www.fcps1.org.

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